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Certificate / Business

Business Analytics Certificate

Ideal for those striving to advance their analytical skills in their current field or to enter the field of business analytics, this online graduate certificate delivers the foundational data knowledge and technology skills necessary for success in eight months.

Master’s / Business, Healthcare

Dual MBA – MHA

Gain dual master’s degrees and maximize your influence as a leader in the business of healthcare in less time than it would take to earn these degrees separately.

Certificate / Business

Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate

Get specialized ERP skills without having to enter into a formal MBA program.

Certificate / Healthcare

Health Administration Executive Certificate

Develop your leadership and ethical decision-making skills to succeed in health administration.

Certificate / Healthcare

Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

Use medical systems, software and databases to streamline processes, increase fiscal performance, and improve the patient experience.

Master’s / Accountancy


Get an elite education in accountancy with optional concentrations in Forensic Accounting or Accounting Analytics.

Master’s / Accountancy

MAcc: Accounting Analytics

Get a competitive edge in accounting with analytical and computer skills to support financial and managerial decision-making.

Master’s / Accountancy

MAcc: Forensic Accounting

Harness a dual expertise in accounting and forensics to protect an organization’s most vital assets.

Master’s / Business


Maximize your potential as a business leader with one of eight specializations, a general MBA or a customizable Flex option.

Master’s / Accountancy, Business

MBA: Accounting

Develop accounting skills to solve complex business problems and maintain a financially healthy organization.

Master’s / Accountancy, Business

MBA: Business Analytics

Make sense of big data to help companies survive and thrive with theory and new hands-on skills in business strategy.

Master’s / Business, Operations & Management

MBA: Enterprise Resource Planning

Learn real-world methodologies to lead in enterprise resource planning in a program that’s officially partnered with SAP.

Master’s / Business, Finance

MBA: Finance

Get the skills to conduct financial analyses, develop capital budgets and assess an organization’s overall financial health.

Master’s / Business, Healthcare

MBA: Healthcare Management

Supervise healthcare facilities, plan and direct operations and manage teams to ensure excellent patient care.

Master’s / Business, Human Resources

MBA: Human Resources Management

Acquire skills in strategic staffing, evaluating workplace operational goal setting and enterprise-level human resource management.

Master’s / Business

MBA: International Business

Navigate global business well-versed in global finance, international politics, cross-cultural differences and supply chain management.

Master’s / Business, Operations & Management

MBA: Operations Management

Equip yourself to lead your organization with project management, quality control and financial management skills.

Master’s / Healthcare


Earn a CAHME-accredited MHA with the option to specialize in Health Informatics or Global Health and stay on top of an ever-evolving industry.

Master’s / Healthcare

MHA: Global Health

Confront global health challenges and be prepared to support organizations and healthcare providers around the world.

Master’s / Healthcare

MHA: Health Informatics

Put health informatics to use across healthcare institutions, community organizations and the public sector.

Master’s / Business

Business Analytics, MS

Develop a set of effective, data-backed problem-solving skills and help businesses create efficient, informed processes to grow their reach.

Master’s / Finance

Finance, MS

Acquire a well-rounded finance education with knowledge of securities, markets, risk metrics, investment criteria and capital budgeting.

Master’s / Healthcare

Health Informatics, MS

Work at the intersection of computer science and healthcare to inform practitioners and improve patient care.

Master’s / Healthcare

Health Informatics, MS: Data Analytics

Select the Data Analytics specialization to master big data technologies and uncover insights for making healthcare delivery more efficient.

Master’s / Human Resources

Human Resources Management, MS

Manage employee performance and success with effective decision-making and strategic planning in human resource management.

Certificate / Operations & Management

Supply Chain Management Certificate

Understand the supply chain factors that directly affect profitability in any business.