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Online Executive Certificate in Health Administration: Faculty

  • Daniel West

    Chairman, Department of Health Administration and Human Resources

  • Michael Costello

    Assistant Program Director, Department of Health Administration; Faculty Specialist, Department of Health Administration and Human Resources

  • Steven Szydlowski

    Professor and Chairperson, Health Administration and Human Resources

  • Rita DiLeo

    Faculty Specialist, Health Administration

  • Peter Olden

    Professor, Health Administration

  • Robert Spinelli

    Assistant Professor, Health Administration

  • Sharon Falzone

    Adjunct Professor, Health Administration

  • Joseph Fisne

    Adjunct Professor, Health Administration

  • Kevin Flynn

    Adjunct Professor, Health Administration

  • Timothy Holland

    Adjunct Professor, Health Administration

  • Maggie Koehler

    Professor & Faculty Specialist, Healthcare Administration & Human Resources

  • William Miller

    Program Director, Graduate Program in Health Informatics & Faculty Specialist in Healthcare Administration

  • Terri Smith

    Assistant Professor, Health Administration & Human Resources Department

  • Stacy Smulowitz

    Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Administration & Assistant Professor in Communications

  • John Wiercinski

    Faculty Specialist, Graduate & Undergraduate Programs for Health Administration & Human Resources

  • Sean Youngblood

    Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Administration

  • Ken Zula

    Associate Professor, Healthcare Administration & Human Resources, Programs Director of Human Resource