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CAHME-Accredited Online Master of Health Administration: Specializations

To succeed in a healthcare leadership position, you'll need strong analytical, decision-making, communication, and leadership skills.

MHA specializations can help you hone your talents, branch out in an area you're passionate about, and stand out from other graduates.

You can choose to add either the Health Informatics or Global Health specializations. These specializations incorporate 150 hours of fieldwork and add just six more credits to the MHA curriculum, totaling 53 credits.

The fieldwork component includes two 10-day study-abroad trips to destinations such as Europe or South America.

MHA With Health Informatics Specialization

In today's information-driven world, data can open the door to better patient care, more efficient processes, and better policies throughout an organization. The University of Scranton's CAHME-accredited Master of Health Administration (MHA) program with a specialization in Health Informatics puts the power of data in your hands.

By taking elective courses specific to Health Informatics, you'll learn to:

  • Improve community and population health by uncovering the interrelationships between access, quality, cost, resource allocation, accountability, and population
  • Examine the impact health informatics has on policy initiatives
  • Use data as your guide to interpret and communicate process direction and organizational decision-making across departments
  • Employ analysis, problem-solving, and financial management skills to operate a healthcare organization in today's economy
  • Navigate the administrative, functional, and developmental responsibilities of a modern healthcare organization

MHA With Global Health Specialization

Experience diverse perspectives on healthcare and improve your intercultural communication skills with The University of Scranton's CAHME-accredited Master of Health Administration program with a specialization in Global Health.

You'll discuss public health, health management, and social justice issues, and gain firsthand experience of these systems in practice with two 10-day study-abroad opportunities in places like South America and Europe, among others. Please note the cost for these trips is not included in your tuition.

Students in the Global Health specialization have three required courses. One of these courses (HAD 517) will be taken in place of the normal, three-credit elective, so the specialization adds only six required credits to the MHA curriculum.

By taking the specific specialization courses, including the study abroad experiences, you'll learn to:

  • Explain the ethical, social, and environmental consequences of local and national decisions on global health systems
  • Analyze the major elements of global health systems to derive solutions to complex problems
  • Apply cultural, historical, and scientific perspectives using applied research techniques to plan and evaluate solutions to global health challenges
  • Articulate personal values in the context of personal identities to recognize and contemplate diverse positions on social, civic, and population health problems
  • Comprehend multiple worldviews, experiences, histories, and power structures on important issues
  • Initiate and engage in meaningful interaction with people from other cultures in the context of health problems and solutions

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The curriculum for the Health Informatics and Global Health specializations aligns with the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Healthcare Leadership Alliance competency model. This ensures our accredited online master's programs prepare you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead across an organization, on top of understanding the in-depth competencies you need to emerge as a leader in your chosen healthcare segment.


The University of Scranton takes pride in providing a superior, transformational learning experience, preparing students who, in the words of Jesuit order founder St. Ignatius Loyola, will "set the world on fire."

Our CAHME accreditation — the benchmark of integrity in healthcare management education — signifies to employers that you're learning the most relevant skills and knowledge, and can put them immediately into practice in an increasingly data-rich, global workplace.

Admission Requirements for MHA Program

Whether you choose to pursue the general MHA or one of the specializations, the admissions requirements are the same. Students will be required to pay any program or travel expenses associated with the study abroad experiences. To learn more, view our full list of requirements.

Discover how a CAHME-accredited online MHA or MBA with Healthcare Management specialization from The University of Scranton can make a difference in your life. Request more information or speak with one of our Program Managers at 866-373-9547.