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MS in Human Resources Management Student Blog

As each 8-week term comes to a close, I am always amazed by how much I have learned and accomplished! On the first day of each term, I print the course syllabus with both enthusiasm, and I admit, a bit of apprehension.

The challenges and rewards of the online HR master’s program often go hand-in-hand. In most cases, every conquered challenge becomes its own reward because it increases self-confidence and problem-solving abilities.

Every course in the HR program offers the opportunity to learn new skills and/or brush the dust off seldom used ones.

Beginning a Master’s program is bound to bring about some unexpected surprises, and starting an online program in particular is certainly no exception.

Creating meaningful connections with classmates and online learning may not always seem like affiliated concepts.

As an undergraduate I had attended The University of Scranton. I found the Jesuit education to be very well rounded, focusing on intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical development.

The online Master in HR Management program that The University of Scranton offers is one of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a master’s degree right after completing my undergraduate degree.

Senior year of a college student’s undergraduate career is probably the most exciting and invigorating feeling one can ever experience. Graduation is around the corner and you are one step closer to earning that degree you worked so hard for the past four years.

Getting your online masters in human resources management can be very rewarding. It is an experience that teaches you important life skills and brings just as much value to your learning experience as any other program does.

You are days away from the start of your graduate career. Mixed emotions are running through your mind and you cannot seem to stop thinking about what to expect once the first day arrives. Luckily, we have all been there and safe to say, you will survive!

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