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The Difference in Traditional Campus and Online Learning Environments

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by Andrew Donet

Attending The University of Scranton can be achieved through on-campus or online classes, and it is with this exact flexibility that I was able to begin and advance my career. Originally, I applied to The University of Scranton because of its beautiful campus, especially when you walk from the top of the Commons to Linden Avenue on a crisp, autumn day, and also because of its thought-provoking, enriching curriculum. Since the school’s emphasis is on leading a Jesuit, faith-based life through dedication to learning and to personal advancement, I was able to earn an undergraduate degree that propelled me into the workforce with a preparedness only achieved by a Scranton graduate. I owe it to this school for molding me into the person I am today, in both my career and my personal life. After I graduated with a degree from The University of Scranton, I worked a few years in the healthcare industry and found that my passion was in helping to change the face of healthcare through patient-care advocacy and operations. Because of this, I decided to pursue my MBA degree with a Healthcare Management specialization at the only school I knew would embrace my passion and help it to flourish even further.

When comparing the on-campus and online programs, there are distinct differences in the methods to complete the coursework and engage in face-to-face interaction, but no limitation on the quality of the education. Being on campus allowed me to attend a traditional class atmosphere filled with raised hands, in-person discussion and a set class schedule, while my current online classroom setting promotes interaction through discussion posts, instructional videos and a flexible schedule. The professors teaching in this MBA program are not only easily accessible for questions or guidance, but also tend to be the same individuals teaching classes on campus. This speaks volumes to the quality of the coursework and the qualified educators guiding you towards a fulfilling degree.

Now, attending class in-person is always the preferred mode of education, but when you do not have the time because of a family or a career, or live too far away, the online program gives you the tools necessary to succeed and further your education. I absolutely love that I can complete my assignments from my home office or on my couch next to my dog. Furthermore, with a set due date for each assignment throughout the week based on the class being taken, I am able to make a schedule that works for me and my family. In all, I have been extremely pleased with the MBA program thus far at The University of Scranton, and look forward to using my newfound knowledge to my advantage today, tomorrow and beyond.

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