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How I chose The University of Scranton to pursue my degree

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 by Keri Thorpe

As an undergraduate I had attended The University of Scranton. I found the Jesuit education to be very well rounded, focusing on intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical development. A Jesuit education develops students in efforts to have them contribute their talents and skills to the welfare of fellow human beings in the spirit of Cura Personalis (care for the whole person), Magis (the more), and being Men and Women for and with Others; all to which I find to be essential to a career in Human Resources. When looking for a university to pursue my master’s degree, I knew I wanted to enroll in a school that promoted the same values and ideals that resonated with me as an undergraduate. Earning a degree from a highly ranked, accredited, Jesuit University with a prestige name and strong community just made sense.

Personally, I find great value in an education that is committed to intellectual exchange, social responsibility, and pushes students to lead for change. Having experienced a Jesuit institution as an undergraduate, I knew that the student experience would be hands on, even in an online setting. Classes are generally smaller, professors are more accessible, and a strong rapport is developed between students and faculty. Professors provide the guidance, coaching, and mentoring that is essential to the student’s development as a person and as a professional; they genuinely care about their students and want the best for them. The personal characteristics that the university develops in their students give them foundation they need to succeed in their personal, public, and professional lives.

As a Human Resources professional, I wanted a program that endorsed fairness and equity within the workplace and educated me on how to make a difference within an organization. Learning the expert faculty shared a similar passion further strengthened my appeal to the program. The curriculum incorporates these values by putting an emphasis on responsible leadership, with a consistent focus on personal integrity, ethical behavior, and a balance between fairness and justice.

The University of Scranton’s excellent reputation is also one of the reason I chose the institution to continue my education. I firmly believe that my degree has, and will continue to, open up professional opportunities. The University of Scranton not only provides a large network or Scranton alumni around the globe, but also the alumni of the 28 other Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Having the ability to leverage connections to find out about job opportunities and get recommendations can be an incredibly valuable asset. I have had several interactions with alumni in my field that continue to guide me through my career, helping me understand what it takes to be successful. Choosing The University of Scranton was one of the best decisions. I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities my education has provided.

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