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Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate

The importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in business is undeniable. It is projected that ERP—software that integrates business operations such as human resources, finance, and procurement into a single package—is expected to grow to a $49.5 billion global industry by 2024.1

To help secure your position—and possibly increase your pay—in this booming field, The University of Scranton now offers an online, graduate-level Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning without the need to enter into a formal MBA program. This four-course program is offered in conjunction with SAP, the world's largest ERP software company.

From the convenience of your home, without any disruption to your career, you can earn a graduate-level ERP certificate from a highly ranked, accredited university. Our online Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning program will enrich your professional performance:

  • Gain proficiency in the configuration, utilization, and strategic application of ERP software across a wide range of business functions
  • Learn the ins and outs of the ERP software by SAP, the world's leading provider of ERP and related applications
  • Employ your knowledge of ERP systems in any software environment
  • Enhance your managerial and technical skill sets

Your online Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning is a gateway to additional professional and educational opportunities, such as SAP Boot Camp. Once you've earned your certificate from The University of Scranton, you may participate in a two-week boot camp offered through the SAP University Alliances Program. The intensive training is followed by an exam, which awards the SAP Certified Business Associate with SAP ERP 6.0 certification to those who pass.

About the Online Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning Curriculum

The certificate curriculum focuses on key business units such as operations, finance, and procurement within an enterprise resource planning system. No SAP software experience is required.

To begin the fully online, graduate-level certificate program, we require a 3.0 undergrad GPA from a regionally accredited school; 500 paper-based TOEFL for international students; To earn the certificate, students complete four eight-week courses.

The caliber of the faculty and curriculum of the Kania School of Management is verified by the highest designation possible for a business school: accreditation from AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). The AACSB accredits only a percent of educational institutions worldwide that offer business degrees. The Kania School of Management is proud to be part of this elite group.

Why Choose The University of Scranton's online Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning?

The graduate-level business enterprise training program is offered through the AACSB-accredited Kania School of Management's long-standing association with the SAP University Alliances Program. The program provides The University of Scranton faculty members with tools and resources to teach students how to apply the latest technology in a business context, integrate business strategy and processes, and put information technology theory into practice. The certificate is designed for IT pros looking to deliver value, innovation, and opportunity for growth to their companies—and to their careers.

To learn more about our Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning, request more information or call us today at 866-373-9547 to talk with one of our Program Managers.

1Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market is Projected to Cross US$ 49.50 Billion By 2024. Accessed July 2019 from