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Pass the CPA Exam With The Confidence of CPAexcel

CPA Review Course as Part of The Online MAcc Curriculum

MIKE DUFFY: Let me show you in two minutes, how the Wiley CPAexcel review course will get you through the exam the first time. We’ll need to address five key items, the exam planner, your customized schedule, the content you need to cover, and being familiar with the computerized exam. Last but not least, final review and working on weak areas.

So with that, let’s jump into the five categories. The first step here is to create your plan. And with our exam planner, you will simply enter your begin study date and the date you plan to sit for the exam and your customized exam plan is generated. Secondly, your customized schedule. With your customized plan in place, you’ll begin your studies with your first assignment and will work each bite size lesson within each assignment.

The next key area is the content you need to cover. You will work through the must-know material for each lesson, which includes lectures from some of the top faculty in the country on what you need to focus on. You’ll review the text material, and most importantly, the exam questions. Your goal is to answer 90% of your questions correctly and then move on to the next topic.

Being familiar with a computerized exam is key. Every time you practice questions in our program, you will be experiencing the exact format as the exam itself. You’ll receive feedback on each quiz and each question with supporting rationals. You’re now in the final stretch, which includes full simulated CPA exams with exam analysis provided upon completion of the exam.

Last but not least is your personal performance analysis based on the AICPA, SSO/CSO to help you identify areas requiring additional review. So those are the five keys to get you to your goal, and Wiley CPAexcel provides those tools for you. So take advantage of our 14 day free trial and see it for yourself. I’d like to thank you for joining me today. And I wish you the best in your exam preparation.

The University of Scranton is committed to the professional success of each one of its students, which is why the online Master of Accountancy program offers a deep discount to the Big 4 Firms-endorsed Wiley CPAexcel®, ensuring that graduates are properly prepared to sit for and pass the CPA exam. This tool is ideal for visual learners and features digestible lessons, along with offering continuous access to prep material until exam day, making it an ideal course for professionals working toward a CPA certification2.

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Why the Big 4 Matter

Known as the “Big 4,” these firms dominate the industry, auditing more than 80 percent of all U.S. public companies. In addition, these powerhouse organizations advise on taxes and offer a wide range of management and assurance services.

1) Deloitte LLP
Deloitte LLP is the number one firm in the United States. The company began as three separate companies of William Deloitte, Charles Haskins, Elijah Sells and George Touche, and is consistently voted as one of the best employers to work for by Fortune Magazine.

2) PricewaterhouseCoopers
PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is ranked as the number two accounting firm in the United States. The company, founded by Samuel Lowell Price, began in London in 1849 and now offers a plethora of services to clients, including audit and assurance, consulting, IFRS reporting and tax services. Current and potential employees of the company benefit from a wide range of specializations. PwC maintains one of the most diverse working environments in the U.S. and is ranked number five of 50 companies by “Diversity Inc.”

3) Ernst & Young
With locations in more than 150 countries and over 700 offices, Ernst & Young offer an array of services such as assurance, taxes, advisement, transactions and many more. This wide range of services also allows the company to cater to a very diverse group of employees.

KPMG rounds out the list of the Big 4. The company has more than 670 offices located in over 150 countries and was originally established in 1911 when William Barclay Peat & Co. merged with Marwick Mitchell & Co. to form Peat Marwick. KPMG offers three main services: audits, advisory services and taxes. However, these three services can be broken down into many sub-services, making KPMG a full-service firm.

The CPAexcel® Difference

Wiley CPAexcel® boasts a 90 percent pass rate1 of the CPA exam for those who have utilized it to study. Additional features include the following:

  • Content is broken out into small lectures that are easy to understand
  • Unlimited access until one passes the CPA exam
  • Robust analytical tools to help track progress and adhere to a set study schedule

Coupled with these benefits, students of The University of Scranton’s online Master of Accountancy program can access CPA Exam Review Quizzes, such as the examples below.

Weekly Review Quiz – FAR
Accounting Errors – Restatement

Weekly Review Quiz – BEC
Risk Management Policies and Procedures

Weekly Review Quiz – AUD
Investments in Securities and Derivative Instruments

Weekly Review Quiz – REG
Capital Gains and Losses

Here’s how Wiley CPAexcel compares to the competition:WILEYBECKERROGER
Past Guarantee
  • Free Course repeats and updates UNTIL YOU PASS
No special requirements or fine print
50% extra per section
Cut-off at 24 months
Bite-sized Lessons
  • Master each lesson in as little as 30 mins
Accredited University Professors
  • Content written and lectured by professors from the leading accounting universities
AICPA Past Exam Questions
  • Multiple choice questions with full answer rationales
Task-based Simulations600300200

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  2. Each State has its own Board of Accountancy responsible for licensing the CPAs who practice in that state/jurisdiction. The requirements for the CPA Exam, and CPA licensure differ slightly per state so be sure to check with your specific Board of Accountancy.