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Online Master of Accountancy – Overview

A complete approach to leadership in the accounting field.

The University of Scranton's online Master of Accountancy (MAcc) ensures that students:

  • Master the practical hands-on skills that accounting professionals need to become influential and strategic business leaders
  • Master the soft skills and communication proficiencies needed to manage teams and client relationships
  • Understand the ethical components of managing organizational finance

The MAcc online embodies the rigor of the Kania School of Management's AACSB accreditation, the ethical foundations of a Jesuit education, and the accounting knowledge with robust CPA exam preparation through Wiley CPAexcel®.

MAcc Concentrations

The University of Scranton offers two concentrations, plus the general option, in the online Master of Accountancy program to better prepare you to leverage accounting skills in emerging and market-relevant areas. Students complete four core courses focused on contemporary financial and managerial accounting, accounting ethics and communications, and a required capstone applied accounting research course, along with the concentration course requirements.

Forensic Accounting Concentration
Use advanced accounting techniques and data-gathering skills to uncover fraud and financial mismanagement. You'll explore courses in auditing, financial fraud reporting, investigative forensic analysis and the identification of fraud abuse. Launch a career helping organizations reduce risk and protect their assets.

Accounting Analytics Concentration
Unlock valuable business intelligence with accounting data analysis, evaluation and visualization to inform strategy at the highest level. In addition to the core MAcc curriculum, courses will cover how to best provide support for financial and managerial accounting through a focus on advanced analysis and computing, including a capstone applied-research course in accounting data analytics and visualization.

General Option
Students also have the option to customize their program by choosing any 5 of the 16 available electives that suit their interests.

An Accounting Degree to Set Yourself Apart

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DOUGLAS BOYLE: One thing that's very unique about our online program is we didn't force fit a program that we already had to the online format. We designed our program completely with the practitioner in mind. We put together a council of partners who work in public accounting, and many of them work at the big four and other firms. And that council is really working hand in hand with us on curriculum development, on mentoring our students, and providing them with the skill sets that they need to be successful.

To have a good online experience, it's not just the faculty talking, but it's really your peer group and your fellow students. And my experience has been our program attracts students of that caliber.

DANIEL MAHONEY: We place an emphasis on the development of interpersonal skills, whether interacting with colleagues at the firm or our clients. Another one of the key goals and objectives of our program is the development of strong ethical skills within the individual.

DOUGLAS BOYLE: A lot of our students are going to be pursuing the CPA exam, so we really want to develop them in areas that are going to help them succeed in their career. It's not just a public accounting focused program. It's also what it would take to advance your career through the private ranks up to titles like controllers and CFOs.

DANIEL MAHONEY: A student who has a particular interest in the area of forensic accounting might find it appealing that, within our program, we do offer three very specialized courses in that area. The certified fraud examiner focuses on the detection and deterrence of fraud in general.

DOUGLAS BOYLE: As folks rise up the ranks in accounting, to have really strong ethics and to have really strong networks and to have really strong interpersonal skills is absolutely critical and vital. So really, that ties in perfectly with our Jesuit mission because here at the University of Scranton, we've always taught those things.


Whether professionals are pursuing 30 credit hours to become CPA certified,2 seeking management and leadership strategies for career advancement or a combination of both, the online MAcc at The University of Scranton takes a practical and comprehensive approach to developing the quantitative, analytical and soft skills that are immediately applicable to professional accounting roles. Ranked first for Top Online Master in Accounting programs1, the program syncs to the everyday life of working professionals who are looking for a well-rounded education.

Alumni of The University of Scranton are employed by the Big 4, regional and local public accounting firms, many of whom consult for and contribute to the program's curriculum. Meet our Professional Council Alumni!

Throughout the online accounting master's degree program, students are prepared to:

  • Apply extensive, practical knowledge in the field of accounting
  • Apply advanced approaches to leveraging accounting as a means of solving business problems
  • Comprehend and employ skills needed for identifying and navigating red flags that could indicate occupational fraud
  • Critically analyze accounting information to disseminate value-added insights for the firm for effective economic decisions
  • Understand the global environment and critical leadership roles that are associated within the broader business environment
  • Demonstrate effective and advanced communication skills to key stakeholders within and outside of the firm

Learn more about the online MAcc curriculum.

MAcc Bridge Option - Open to Non-Accounting Majors

Students with a non-accounting bachelor's degree are encouraged to apply for the online MAcc program through the Accounting Bridge option. Applicants need to have completed at least one 3-credit financial accounting course with a grade of B or better from an accredited institution. The MAcc Bridge option at The University of Scranton offers the necessary prerequisite courses online to provide the foundation in accounting needed to be successful in the master's program. Students may be required to complete some or all of the following courses before they can begin the master's degree coursework:

  • ACC 502 Accounting for Management
  • Students may also take one of the following: ACC 538 Accounting Communication or ACC 539 Accounting Ethics
  • ACC 505 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 506 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC 507 Intermediate Accounting III

If seeking a CPA, please read:

Many states require 150 semester hours of education within a prescribed accounting coursework curriculum for obtaining the CPA license. Students without prior accounting and related coursework are unlikely to meet this requirement through completing the MAcc program. Such students may need to complete additional required course(s). Please refer to your individual state's requirements.

What Does a Leader in Accounting Do?

Accountancy leadership roles — especially for those with a graduate education — are in high demand. Someone with an advanced degree may find themselves in a wide range of upper-level career paths including a Director of Accounting, Tax Director, Director of Finances, Financial Analyst, Chief Risk Officer or a variety of other roles.

Job functions can greatly vary depending on your specialty. High-level roles may oversee financial consulting, taxes, audits, growth enterprise or advisory services. These roles often function at a local financial organization or for the Big 4 accounting firms.

Leadership roles are of utmost importance in modern day accounting. After the most recent financial crisis, the need for accounting leaders to be ethical leaders and transparent in their daily business is crucial to the long-term success of any organization.

Ranked 1st for top online Master in Accounting programs1

Master of Accountancy Program Highlights

Highlights of the online Master of Accountancy program include:

  • Market-Relevant Concentrations: Choose from Forensic Accounting, Accounting Analytics, or the general option, and tailor your degree to your interests.
  • CPA Exam Preparation: The Big 4 Firms-endorsed Wiley CPAexcel® is available at a deep discount to MAcc students so every student has the comprehensive tools and confidence to pass the CPA exam following graduation.
  • Soft Skills Development: One of the most important skills accountants need are the soft skills to communicate effectively and to manage clients, accounts, and teams. Functional, purposeful, and strategic internal and external communication is an emphasis throughout the program.
  • AACSB Accreditation: Housed in the AACSB-accredited Kania School of Management, students experience a rigorous curriculum developed by a CPA-certified faculty of award-winning teachers and researchers.
  • Jesuit Mission: Advancing social responsibility, ethics, and education for global justice creates a well-rounded, ethical approach in a field often associated with financial and occupational fraud.
  • Convenient and Flexible Online Format: With the online convenience and around-the-clock support offered by The University of Scranton, it's easier than ever to meet the 30-credit-hour requirement and feel confident in your CPA exam prep.

Note that The University of Scranton accounting program also meets the NYS CPA license education requirements as an "Equivalent to a NYS Licensure Qualifying Registered Program."

Why The University of Scranton's Online MAcc

The excellence of our faculty and curriculum is confirmed by the highest designation possible for a business school. The Kania School of Management is among a small number of institutions accredited by the AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). Only 5 percent of educational institutions worldwide that offer business degrees have achieved this distinction. As one of just 27 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, we belong to an elite group with a long history of dedication to excellent education suited for the challenges and opportunities of today's world.

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2Each state has its own Board of Accountancy responsible for licensing the CPAs who practice in that state/jurisdiction. The requirements for the CPA Exam, and CPA licensure differ slightly per state so be sure to check with your specific Board of Accountancy.