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MBA Supply Chain Management Jobs

Supply chain management is a vital part of running a business. The University of Scranton’s MBA with a specialization in Supply Chain Management will provide you with the advanced knowledge, leadership skills, and higher-level perspectives needed to qualify for senior management positions in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Salary levels for professionals in the field of Supply Chain Management can vary widely depending on the industry, geographical location, scope of responsibility, and many other factors. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual wages of general and operations managers in May 2016 was $122,090, with salaries as high as $204,870.

A sample of job titles in the field of Supply Chain Management includes:

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Service Operations Director
  • Operations Management Engineers
  • Purchasing Manager/Agent
  • Buyer
  • Plant Manager

Graduates with an MBA and who specialize in Supply Chain Management have the ability to choose to work within a variety of industries such as:

Average Annual Salary Operations Managers2

  • Enterprise Management: $159,220
  • Local Government: $99,330
  • Grantmaking and Giving: $136,040
  • Office Administrative Services: $136,090
  • Securities and Commodities Exchanges: $204,870
  • Scientific Research and Development Services: $157,910


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