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Supply Chain Management Training Course Descriptions

Four (4) Required Courses (12 credits)

OM 503 – Operations Management (3 cr.)

(Prerequisites: MBA 501B and MBA 504C)
This course is designed to emphasize the strategic importance of operations management to the overall performance of the enterprise. Topics include: product and process planning and design, forecasting, facility location and layout, production staffing, job design and work measurement, capacity planning, aggregate planning, inventory management, requirements planning, operations scheduling, Just-in-time and quality assurance.

OM 540 – Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)

(Prerequisite: MBA 504C)
This course focuses on the design, operation, and control of supply chains in the global context. Topics include: supply chain strategy, risk pooling and inventory placement, distribution systems, network design and transportation, strategies for managing product variety, supply chain coordination, revenue management, and decision support systems for supply chain operations. Issues specific to global sourcing, and risk management in international supply chains will be explored.

OM 545 – Quality Management (3 cr.)

(Prerequisite: MBA 501A)
Quality Management provides the means for the organization to define its culture and to support the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques and training. Topic coverage focuses on applying various continuous improvement techniques such as statistical process charts and assessment frameworks (e.g., Deming's philosophy, Baldrige Criteria, ISO 9000) in order to achieve world class quality.

ERP 510 – Integrated Enterprise Management Systems (3 cr.)

This course overviews business processes across marketing, procurement, production and finance as one integrated customer-oriented value chain to be managed from the perspective of the overall enterprise. It examines the optimization of business processes and their integration through the effective deployment of enterprise systems technology such as SAP R/3.

Three (3) Prerequisite Modules (may be waived based on applicant’s prior coursework and/or work experience)

MBA 501A – Statistics Module (1 cr.)

This course module is intended to develop the statistical concepts and techniques that are needed to make business decisions. Topics to be covered include detailed coverage of descriptive statistics, probability theory (including Bayes' Theorem), and discrete and continuous probability distributions with an emphasis on business applications. A survey of modern statistical methods covering sampling distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression and correlation analysis will be discussed.

MBA 501B – Management Science Module (1 cr.)

An introduction to the quantitative approaches used in today's businesses to solve decision problems. Topics will include overviews of linear programming, spreadsheet modeling, project scheduling, waiting line systems and simulation.

MBA 504C – Operations Management Module (1 cr.)

A functional review of how to manage the activities involved in the process of converting or transforming resources into products or services. Topics include an overview of strategic decisions, forecasting, basic inventory models, aggregate planning and master scheduling, materials requirements planning and scheduling operations.

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