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How Online Learning Benefits Different Types of Learners

Are you thinking about returning to school, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? A growing number of students are turning to online degree programs. More than 6.7 million students - who make up 32 percent of all higher education enrollment - have taken at least one online class.

What has students flocking to online programs? Rigorous degree programs that provide career advancement opportunities and the possibility of increased pay certainly top the list, but really online learning caters to all kinds of learners.

Too often the traditional school route includes scheduled classes, overcrowded classrooms, group discussions, and rigid assignments. While that format works for some, it’s not ideal for everyone.

Online programs offered through The University of Scranton provide highly specialized curriculum in advanced fields such as business, health-care administration, accounting, and human resources management. The flexible nature of the online programs makes them an efficient tool for every kind of learner.

Here’s a look at how online learning benefits six different types of learners:

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