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Excel in the HR Field with a Master’s Degree

Any organization committed to a highly functioning staff requires an expert in human resources to keep those functions running smoothly. Because human resource managers are involved in recruiting, hiring, and every administrative aspect of a company’s personnel from the CEO to junior ranked employees, their professionalism and competence can provide the glue that keeps everyone on track.

Although requirements for human resources managers don’t always require a master’s degree, the additional sustained knowledge and skills can assist a human resources manager in reaching the upper echelons of compensation and responsibility.

Within an organization, a human resources manager has great responsibilities. In addition to the hiring processes, HR professionals administer, and oversee all of the policies and procedures, plus work closely with all levels of a group or company.

HR efforts can provide a step up to increased responsibilities and compensation for employees who are recognized for their accomplishments. Human resources records can track the positive elements of a career, which justify raises, promotion, and other rewards. Alternatively, with a poorly performing employee, human resources can document the situation that might lead to additional training or, as a worst-case scenario, separation.

With the University of Scranton’s online Master of Science in Human Resources Management, students learn and use the cutting-edge tools of human resources from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the professional organization with nearly 300,000 human resource professionals worldwide. The materials are current and represent best practices in human resources.

“We have designed our program to represent key connections to real-world human resources practices. This will enable our graduates to smoothly segue to a career for which they are fully prepared,” says Ken Zula, Ph.D., assistant professor of health administration and director of the graduate human resources program at The University of Scranton.

The online Master of Science in Human Resources Management includes 13 courses totaling 39 credit hours. The curriculum spans courses critical to successful HR management with topics such as human behavior, budgetary concerns, strategic planning, staffing processes, employee and labor relations, ethics, and research.

Once a University of Scranton MS in Human Resources Management graduate has joined an organization as a human resources manager, he or she is prepared to become a strategic partner who can see the firm from a broader perspective than only hiring processes. They are able to provide solutions and ideas for advancing the success of the organization. They can understand why reorganization, new personnel, or a shift in focus might be needed.

These advanced skills will prepare the HR manager to command opportunities growing at a faster average pace than all other occupations. Median salaries in 2015 were in the six-figure range.

Achieving a Master in Science in Human Resources Management focuses on the essential tools for HR managers. These essentials are lifelong learning, effective communication, ethical behavior, strategic thinking, and understanding metrics to track results.

Prepare for an outstanding and challenging future career with The University of Scranton’s online Master of Science in Human Resources Management. For more information about this program, speak with a Program Manager today 866-373-9547.