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Your Free Guide for Planning Your Accountancy Career

If your accounting career path ends in fog, a professional development plan (PDP) is a formal document that gives you a roadmap to get ahead.

It’s not scary, it’s something you form from your life skills up to this point. It is also flexible to changing circumstances. Having such a plan allows each career step forward to be made with more confidence. Those considering a Master of Accountancy degree are already driven. But a PDP provides a sustainable energy source to keep you going through your journey.

This guide covers everything you need to create an effective, realistic professional development plan where second guesses no longer list. Steps covered in the free guide include:

  • Taking Control of Your Own Career
  • Defining a Professional Development Plan
  • Different Types of PDPs
  • Action Steps to Create an Accountancy Career Plan, such as:
    • Choosing an Overall, End Goal
    • Drafting Goals
    • Education Goals
    • Listing Current Work Skills
    • Listing Planned Work Skills
    • Earning Certifications and Continuous Learning Goals
    • Identifying a Support Team
    • Staying on Track – external forces
    • Monitoring Progress – internal effort
    • Assessment
    • Adapting and Redesigning Career Goals

P D F for You Accounting Career