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Human Resources Curriculum

The University of Scranton’s online Master of Science in Human Resources is designed to help you change and improve organizations from the human performance perspective. The excellence of our faculty and curriculum is confirmed by the mission of The University of Scranton. A rigorous program of study in the scholarly Jesuit tradition and aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook, the curriculum addresses practical issues in the contemporary workplace. This includes staffing as a strategic component of organizational development, learning in the context of the workplace, and cultural diversity.

The skilled faculty at The University of Scranton helps its students familiarize themselves with a wide range of human resources topics. In accordance with SHRM's curriculum standards, subjects include strategic planning, workplace learning and how this benefits employee performance, workplace diversity, and strategies to prepare employees for widespread organizational change. The curriculum places a heavy focus on ethics and teaches students to recognize and resolve complicated ethical issues before they negatively impact employees or the organization.

The University of Scranton has consistently received high rankings by numerous well-regarded organizations including The Princeton Review, Forbes, and Barron’s. It has also regularly been listed in the “Best Regional Universities” rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

The online Master of Science in Human Resources is made up of 11 courses, for a total of 33 semester credits of course hours.*

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Foundation Courses - 6 credit hours

HR 500: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
HR 501: Human Resources

Core Courses - 24 credit hours

HR 503: Control and Budgeting Systems
HR 504: Strategic Planning
HR 505: Recruitment and Staffing
HR 506: Workplace Learning & Performance
HR 510: Organizational Change
HR 511: Total Rewards
HR 512: Employee and Labor Relations
HR 516: Ethics in Human Resources

Capstone - 3 credit Hours

HR 520: Applied Human Resources

*Students who enrolled prior to January 2018 are required to take HR 515 and HR 517 for a total of 39 credit hours.

The name change to Master of Science in Human Resources Management will take effect in Fall Semester of 2018 and apply to students beginning their program on or after the Fall 2018 term. Students who are admitted prior to that term will graduate with the original program name, Master of Science in Human Resources.

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