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Success Stories from My Online HR Master Course

As each 8-week term comes to a close, I am always amazed by how much I have learned and accomplished! On the first day of each term, I print the course syllabus with both enthusiasm, and I admit, a bit of apprehension. How can we possibly cover this much material, and how will I ever complete all of the assignments? The first week is primarily spent familiarizing myself with the course outline and text, as well as my professor and classmates. By the second week I have comfortably established an effective study strategy. My ability to do so is, in large part, a result of an excellent HR curriculum. Every lesson is thought provoking, and transitions smoothly into the next which makes the complete program feel achievable. I actually believe it is the format of the curriculum that has enabled me to surpass “achievable” and excel. It is always exhilarating when Week 8 arrives and I realize that I have, once again, comfortably and successfully, completed all requirements!

The requirements, themselves, are individual success stories because each assignment is challenging and promotes growth; every small success builds upon another. Each assignment addresses academic theories as well as real-life applications. This combined approach ensures success in, and outside of, the classroom - albeit a virtual one! Every assignment provides a variety of facts, theories, concepts, and tools to immediately apply at work. Every employee benefits from a thorough understanding of HR; it bolsters success in all fields.

The professors in the HR program are fantastic, and always eager to answer questions and provide additional support. Assignment feedback provides a wealth of knowledge and suggestions for further study. The professors’ enthusiasm for their course subjects, as well as student success, is palpable; even with the online format! Their enthusiasm and confidence is contagious, and helps bridge the gap when my own may waiver. Encouragement is essential to success and it is generously and respectfully provided in this program.

One aspect of course assignments that concerned me early on were team projects. No doubt, my apprehensions were, and are, common. Like so many others, this fear was unfounded. It’s obvious that the University does a very thorough job vetting applicants; every one of my teams were competent and a joy to work with. I learned a great deal from each teammate and greatly improved my ability to work as part of a virtual team; another unexpected success! Every day in the program provides the opportunity to build self-confidence and increase employment potential; success!

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln

About the Author

Lynne J. Keenan

University of Scranton, Masters in Human Resources (June 2017).  Hospital HR, residential home building, and Health Information Management experience. Resides in Bucks County, PA, with her husband, three children and four rescue dogs.

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