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Keri Thorpe

Keri Thorpe

My name is Keri Thorpe and I am from Valley Cottage, New York. I am currently pursuing my second degree at The University of Scranton as I just recently graduated with a BS in Human Resource Studies in May 2016. I began the Human Resource Master’s my senior year of undergrad as part of the Accelerated Master’s program the university offers and I’m expected to graduate with my Master’s in Spring 2018. While I am still new to the workforce, the education I have received has set me up for great success in my current position as a Human Resources Advisor in the fashion industry.

As an undergraduate I had attended The University of Scranton. I found the Jesuit education to be very well rounded, focusing on intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical development.

The online Master in HR program that The University of Scranton offers is one of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a master’s degree right after completing my undergraduate degree.

The University of Scranton offers its current undergraduate students the incredible opportunity to start their master’s degree while being enrolled as an undergraduate student.

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