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The University of Scranton's Online Masters in HR & the Increased Flexibility it Provides

The online Master in HR program that The University of Scranton offers is one of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a master’s degree right after completing my undergraduate degree. As a new graduate, I was looking to advance my education without compromising my career and social life. As an on on-the-go student, the convenience and flexibility of online classes is advantageous as they provide the ability to plan my schoolwork around my day, instead of the other way around. Scranton’s online program gives me the opportunity to continue my education, retain a full time job, and have a personal life.

Taking an online class lets me read and learn the material and do the work on my own time with less pressure. Due to different work and personal commitments my schedule tends to fluctuate week-to-week; the ability to not worry about physically making it to class at a certain time, complete schoolwork at my leisure, and access the course from anywhere compliments my unconventional schedule. My favorite part about Scranton’s online masters in HR program is the freedom it has given me. On the weekdays I have the ability to work late, go out to dinner with co-workers or friends, attend a gym class, or just come home a relax. Due to the fact that all materials and assignments are accessible online, I have also had the ability to travel during the course of a semester. As long as there is internet access, I can keep up with all my work without worrying about how it will impact me obtaining pertinent information or completing my assignments. Just recently, I booked a flight to Spain for a week. If I had to physically be in a class once or twice a week, I feel as if the opportunity to travel would be next to none.

Even though the program does provide a great amount of flexibility, it also has structure that allows students to remain organized. At the beginning of the semester the instructor provides a course schedule, which identifies all assignments and due date for the upcoming 8 weeks. Although students have the choice of completing the work whenever it best suits their schedule, they are still held accountable to manage their time and meet deadlines. As a person that likes to remain organized, I appreciate knowing in advance when things are due because it allows me to map out when I want to complete the work; however, if something comes up, I have the capability to complete it at a different time.

Overall, the online master in HR program has given me great work life balance. The flexibility of the program has given me the means to prioritize my time and work on my own pace. While I do have a very busy schedule, the program allows me to enjoy the things that are important to me. I love that I don’t have to put my life on hold to complete my degree.


About the Author

Keri Thorpe

My name is Keri Thorpe and I am from Valley Cottage, New York. I am currently pursuing my second degree at The University of Scranton as I just recently graduated with a BS in Human Resource Studies in May 2016. I began the Human Resource Master’s my senior year of undergrad as part of the Accelerated Master’s program the university offers and I’m expected to graduate with my Master’s in Spring 2018. While I am still new to the workforce, the education I have received has set me up for great success in my current position as a Human Resources Advisor in the fashion industry.

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