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The Accelerated Master’s Program for Undergraduate Students

The University of Scranton offers its current undergraduate students the incredible opportunity to start their master’s degree while being enrolled as an undergraduate student. Junior year, during one of my HR course, information on the Accelerated Human Resources Master’s Program was provided to us. Immediately after learning that I would be able get a jumpstart on my master’s, while fulfilling undergraduate requirements, I knew it was an opportunity I wanted to pursue during my senior year.

The process to apply to the program was very efficient; it required an application with several signatures from Academic Heads, three letters of recommendation, an official transcript, a statement of intentions, and a copy of my professional resume. I remember submitting all my documents toward the end of spring semester, junior year, and hearing back approximately three weeks later that I was accepted into the program.

During my senior year I was able to take three graduate courses, 9 credits, to satisfy my undergraduate HR and business elective requirements; the maximum an undergraduate can take is 12 credits. In addition to being cost effective, I felt as if the courses were making a meaningful contribution to my development as a student. I loved the challenge the class work provided and the accomplished feeling when I received my grades. I also loved that each course was 8 weeks; broken down into Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B, Summer A and Summer B. Due to the fact that the undergraduate semesters are 16 weeks, my registered 18 credit fall semester only had the workload of a 15 credit semester. The online component added a level of flexibility, which was very helpful as senior that wanted to enjoy her last year of college.

Pursuing the Accelerated Master’s Program gave me a competitive advantage in the workforce by setting me apart from other recent graduates. On interviews, employers were very impressed with the fact that I was working towards two degrees and the program as a whole. The Accelerated Master’s Program for Human Resources has set me up for nothing but success. I landed a great job right out of college and I continuously am able to apply what I learn in the classroom to my position.

In hindsight, applying to the program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. During my senior year, I was able to work full-time at my internship, start my masters, enjoy my last year of college, and complete my undergraduate degree. Now, as I work towards finishing the program, I continuously apply the knowledge obtain in the classroom to my position, which gives me the ability to make significant contributions to my organization.


About the Author

Keri Thorpe

My name is Keri Thorpe and I am from Valley Cottage, New York. I am currently pursuing my second degree at The University of Scranton as I just recently graduated with a BS in Human Resource Studies in May 2016. I began the Human Resource Master’s my senior year of undergrad as part of the Accelerated Master’s program the university offers and I’m expected to graduate with my Master’s in Spring 2018. While I am still new to the workforce, the education I have received has set me up for great success in my current position as a Human Resources Advisor in the fashion industry.

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