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MBA Student Testimonials

Meet Paul!

Paul McElhenny, a Materials Manager at Gardner Denver, is a proud member of the graduating Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) class of 2014.

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PAUL MCELHENNY: Hello, my name is Paul McElhenny. My degree is an MBA with the specialization in enterprise resource planning.

The program at the University of Scranton had a very large impact on my life as a whole. Being able to apply my classes and the degree to my job right now has been pretty incredible.

I chose the University of Scranton for several reasons. It had to meet the company I was working for's criteria for educational accreditation. It had to have what I wanted to go to school for, and it had to be 100% online. And at the end of the day, the only school that met all those criteria was the University of Scranton.

When I initially decided to go online, I was scared to death. I tend to not be very organized. It ended up being so much better than I ever anticipated it would be.

S. KINGSLEY GNANENDRAN: I met Paul when he entered the program. He had a fairly unique background. He had an undergraduate bachelors in education, but he worked in industry for 21 years. And at some point he realized he had to go back to school because there were huge gaps in his knowledge and skills and the tools that he needed to get ahead.

REBECCA HAGGERTY: Paul stuck out right away in that he has a great sense of humor, which amazingly, that does come through online. His post subject lines always had something kind of funny, and I noticed he always responded back to the other students. He was very engaged.

PAUL MCELHENNY: Well, was a lot of interaction with professors and the classmates. Professors were always available to answer questions. They were there any time I needed them, whether it was related to maybe an issue at work or whether it was related to the class. A lot of discussions, both online and offline, with some classmates throughout the process. Probably become friends with quite a few of the classmates and a few of the professors also.

REBECCA HAGGERTY: Part of a Jesuit education is to have a transformational learning experience, which means to transform yourself both academically as well as personally. I think the program develops students by asking them to be self-reflective, to discern what they're learning and digest it.

S. KINGSLEY GNANENDRAN: Because we are a Jesuit institution, we try to instill in our students some of the values of corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and ethics.

PAUL MCELHENNY: Programs focused on ethics really had a big impact on the way that I think. It's impacted my personal life, and probably 9 out of 10 classes that I took online had a direct impact on what I do at work every day. My boss, he couldn't wait for me to come in like every week and say, OK, well, what do you got for me this week? Or I'd show him something, and he's like, well, where did you learn that? I'd be like, well, you know, I'm going to school.

S. KINGSLEY GNANENDRAN: I could see a tremendous growth in Paul's skills from the time he entered the program to the time he left.

REBECCA HAGGERTY: He's the perfect example of a person who has gone through an MBA program and has a transformational experience, and comes out on the other side a stronger, better person who will always be willing and interested in learning.

PAUL MCELHENNY: The University of Scranton has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and to become successful and become really whatever it is I want to be in my life.

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Student Testimonials

Grace Mesina
Grace Mesina, Online MBA Healthcare Management Graduate 2016

"I love the faculty! They are very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. They are accessible and responsive."

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