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Skills Gained throughout my Journey through the MBA Program

When I think about the skills I have gained in my almost two years in this program, I believe that I can categorize them into the functional skills gained from my classwork and the incidental skills gained from participating in the accredited online MBA program at The University of Scranton. The functional skills are those that any student would hope to gain in pursuit of an education, as they are representative of what has been learned during the course of each class. Incidental skills, though, are gained indirectly as a result of working through the program. While incidental skills may not be the intention of pursuing a degree, they are just as valuable and their benefit cannot be understated.

I can honestly say that every class I have taken in The University of Scranton’s accredited Online MBA program has provided valuable functional skills. While not every course directly relates to my employment, they have all strengthened my understanding of the business world so that I can make more informed decisions. For instance, though I do not work in our accounting department, the accounting classes I have taken allowed me to intelligently interpret our organization’s financial statements, and has allowed me to make better decisions to support our organization’s financial health. I also volunteer with Junior League of Scranton, and this year, I was appointed as the organization’s treasurer, a role I would have never taken on without the accounting skills I gained through this program.

One of the most valuable classes I have ever taken is the management class Organizational Behavior. This class not only taught the necessary management skills, but also allowed me to develop crucial people skills that have improved my ability to interact favorably with upper management, co-workers, customers, and other business associates. This class trained me to handle difficult situations, manage stress, and communicate supportively. These management skills have a far-reaching impact and I am able to utilize them on a daily basis.

In addition to these functional skills that I have gained, I have gained innumerable incidental skills. Since I have a busy, unpredictable schedule, I knew that obtaining my MBA online would be the most flexible option for me. However, undertaking an online program requires strong time-management skills, and I was nervous about my ability to balance my coursework with my other responsibilities. While I found it difficult at first to balance my time, eventually I found that my time-management skills continued to strengthen with each new class. Nearing the end of my degree, I believe my time-management skills are far superior having undertaken this program, and I am far less stressed by time constraints than I was prior to starting my MBA.

In addition to the all-important skill of time-management, the MBA program has significantly improved my ability to think critically and strategically. Each class employs discussion posts as a way to facilitate learning and to interact with the professor and other students. Most often, the questions posed by the professors require a deep understanding of the material being covered, as well as the ability to think more critically about the subject matter. The development of my ability to think critically may be one of the strongest and most important skills that I have gained through the University of Scranton’s MBA program, since it’s a skill that I use in every facet of my life.

I am eternally grateful to The University of Scranton’s accredited online MBA program, because it has developed so many important functional and incidental skills that have allowed me to be a strong employee and volunteer.


About the Author

Maggie Nasser

Maggie Nasser is pursuing her Masters of Business Administration with specializations in Healthcare Management and Operations Management, and she is expected to graduate in May 2017. She works as the Administrator, Special Projects and Initiatives at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, an non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life for all people in Lackawanna County through the development of organized philanthropy.

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