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Potential Career Opportunity in MBA

If I am being honest, my career may be a bit untraditional for some others in an MBA program. After years in working in the for-profit health field, I have found my place in an industry that I love – the nonprofit sector. For years, perhaps even dating back to my high school years attending a Jesuit school, service to others has been very important to me. I very much ascribe to the words found in Brennan Hall at The University of Scranton, “Of those to whom much is given, much is expected” from Luke 12:48. I feel blessed to have received an excellent education, as I have received my bachelors of science degree from the University of Scranton, and I am just a few courses away from receiving my masters of business administration degree from their online program. To me, it has now become a priority to convert this education into a way that I can give back to others, and six months ago, I was granted this opportunity by getting a job at a nonprofit organization.

Through my work at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, I get to use so many of the skills I have learned in my MBA online courses in order to work on initiatives that improve our local community. For instance, I help to manage our Women in Philanthropy program which connects philanthropic women with important causes that affect the women and children in our area. Through this initiative, we are working to address the root causes of issues that negatively impact women and children in our area, so that we can make systematic changes to improve their futures. Additionally, I help to oversee our Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence which provides capacity building opportunities for the nonprofits in Northeastern Pennsylvania so that they can more effectively met their missions and support our community. My ability to run these programs effectively is due in large part to the MBA online courses I have taken in the program.

All businesses, whether they are for-profit or nonprofit, must be run efficiently and with a business acumen that supports the company’s strategic goals. In my case, I am fortunate to work for a business whose strategic goals are to improve the lives of people living in our community. Through the knowledge and skills that I have gained from the MBA online courses.  I am able to manage my responsibilities with a strong business background, making choices that will have a positive impact on the organization. I am thrilled to work for an organization which allows me to use my MBA education to better my community and enhance the lives of others. To me, there is no better use of my education from The University of Scranton.


About the Author

Maggie Nasser

Maggie Nasser is pursuing her Masters of Business Administration with specializations in Healthcare Management and Operations Management, and she is expected to graduate in May 2017. She works as the Administrator, Special Projects and Initiatives at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, an non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life for all people in Lackawanna County through the development of organized philanthropy.

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