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Dual MBA-Master’s in Health Administration Courses Online

The dual MBA-MHA curriculum combines courses from both programs for a total of 65 credits (or up to 70 if you choose to do an optional administrative residency). Healthcare administration courses align with the competency model designed by the Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA), offering outcomes in leadership, business knowledge and skills, communication and relationship management, and knowledge of the healthcare environment. MBA classes complement those courses with broad-based expertise in a range of business functions, including financial management, accounting and marketing.

MBA and MHA courses online are taught by the distinguished faculty at The University of Scranton, who foster a dynamic and interactive learning environment in which students learn from not only their instructors but also each other. Upon completion of the program, you will have in-depth knowledge of business skills and how to apply them to the specific needs and challenges of health administration.  

Please note that up to seven one-credit MBA Foundation Modules may be required depending upon your undergraduate education. These may be waived based on your professional experience.

Core Courses (56 credits)

ACC 502 Accounting for Management
FIN 508 Financial Management
HAD 501 Health Care Financial Management I*
HAD 502 Health Care Law
HAD 504 Human Resources Management
HAD 505 Health Care Statistics and Research Methods*
HAD 506 Health Care Economics and Policy
HAD 508 Leadership in Health Care Organizations
HAD 509 Administrative Issues
HAD 519 Health Services and Systems*
HAD 521 Health Care Financial Management II
HAD 523 Health Care IT Management (2 cr.)
HAD 525 Health Care Ethics
MGT 501 Responsibility, Sustainability & Justice*
MGT 505 Organizational Behavior*
MGT 509 Business Policy
MKT 506 Marketing Management
OM 503 Operations Management
OM 545 Quality Management
(* indicates courses to be taken in first year)

MHA Elective Course (3 credits)

HAD 510 Hospital Administration
HAD 512 Medical Practice Administration
HAD 513 Long Term Care Administration
HAD 517 Global Health Management
HAD 526 Grants Writing and Management

MBA Elective (3 credits)

This free elective can be any course of your choice from across the entire MBA curriculum.

International Requirement

All students must take at least one course from this list that has been designated as an “International course”:
ACC 525 International Accounting
ECO 583 Macroeconomic Analysis: A Global Perspective
FIN 584 International Finance
HAD 517 Global Health Management
IB 505 International Business
MGT 556 International Management
MIS 577 Global Information Systems
MKT 563 Global Marketing
MKT 596 Study Abroad in Asia
OM 540 Supply Chain Management

Health Administration
Fieldwork Courses
(3-8 credits based on prior work experience; to be determined
at time of admission)

HAD 580 Internship in Health Administration (3 credits)
HAD 581 Administrative Residency (8 credits)

For official course descriptions, please see the latest University of Scranton MBA course catalog.

Learn more about the dual MBA-MHA curriculum. Request more information or speak with one of our Program Managers at 866-373-9547.