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HAD 510 Hospital Administration

Learn how hospitals operate.

8 weeks

For many hospital administrators, running a hospital has more to do with administrative issues than with direct patient care, but a thorough understanding of patient needs and care is necessary for any health care administrator to be successful. An effective hospital administrator is one who can balance the needs of patients, employees, physicians, and other health care professionals against those of the hospital board, the community, the insurance industry and more.

Your Flex Fit

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You can choose HAD 510 as one of your advanced electives in the MBA Health Care Management specialization.

Course Overview

In today’s economy, hospitals — even non-profit facilities — are big business. How these centers are structured and managed changes over time, affected by new trends and challenges. Using case studies and other methods, you’ll examine the newest organizational structures, integrated systems, and emerging changes. You’ll also focus on mergers, joint ventures, affiliations, and managed care arrangements.

You’ll learn the foundations of high-performing health care organizations, from stakeholders and ownership to their cultural, operational, and strategic pillars of excellence. You’ll see how ethical leadership can promote a positive, empowering culture for employees.

Sample Assignment

Presented with a case study, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a hospital administrator and devise solutions to the study’s proposed problems.

As you explore corporate designs and operational structures, you’ll become familiar with the advantages and risks associated with evidence-based management. Proper hospital governance ensures that all stakeholders are committed to the same mission, vision, and values of ensuring the quality of clinical care. You’ll gain insight into how boards are structured and how members are selected.

You’ll explore the human resources and financial management issues and challenges that are unique to and more prevalent in hospital systems. You will also examine strategic marketing, data administration, and facilities management in depth.

By understanding the foundations of clinical performance, you’ll see how administrators can help their staff ensure accurate diagnoses and excellent care. You’ll appreciate how credentialing physicians, delineating privileges, maintaining the nursing organization, and providing clinical education can support those on the front lines of health care. You’ll also view health care from the consumer’s point of view as patient relationships, clinical support services, and community health strategies are considered.

Should clinical performance be focused on outcomes?

Explore this and more in HAD 510.

Sample Course Topics

  • Health Care Organizations
  • Governance and Management
  • Financial Management and Human Resource Function
  • The Physician Organization and Clinical Performance
  • Nursing, Clinical and Community Health
  • Plant and Guest Services
  • Marketing and Strategy

What You’ll Learn

In HAD 510, you’ll learn the basic operations of a modern hospital and the relationship of hospitals as major providers of health care to other health system components.

  • Define the roles of middle management, governing board, medical staff, and administration and understand the interaction of these components.
  • Discuss major health care issues confronting the hospital setting.
  • Understand how hospital administration affects the delivery of patient services.
  • Identify hospital consumer concerns and issues.
  • Know the needs, problems, priorities, and issues in hospital administration and the health care delivery system.
  • Examine the importance of risk contracting, capitation, and managed care.
  • Understand medical staff credentialing, utilization review, and quality assurance.
  • Gain insight into the major ethical issues confronting hospitals.

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