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HAD 509 Administrative Issues (Capstone)

Acquire the tools and knowledge to solve problems in the workplace.

8 weeks

In this graduate health administration Capstone course you’ll integrate and apply what you’ve learned throughout the curriculum to resolve health care administration case studies, as well as complete an applied health care administration project.

Course Overview

Throughout the semester, you’ll analyze a series of case studies, each concerning a complex mix of issues. To analyze, synthesize and evaluate these cases, you’ll call upon the skills and tools you’ve learned throughout this curriculum.

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Creative capacities
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Principles
  • Theories
  • Concepts
  • Values

Case analyses will take two forms each week. You’ll submit a written report and you’ll view a screencast presentation. You’ll also be assigned a partner and a specific case for which you’ll prepare and co-lead a screencast presentation.

To fulfill the requirements of this Capstone course and of the Master of Health Administration degree program, you’ll write a Summative Reflection and Assessment, an in-depth paper detailing developments and lessons, both personal and professional, learned throughout the program.

Evaluating Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes

What measures should a board use to ensure quality of care and patient safety in a health care organization?
You’ll discuss this and more in HAD 509.

Course Topics

Throughout each week of this Capstone course, you will focus on a different case study. Sample case studies are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor. Each case is designed to help you apply the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout the duration toward real-world scenarios.

  • Introduction
  • Unhealthy Hospital
  • Caregiver Case
  • Carilion Clinic
  • Merck’s Crixivan
  • District Hospital Governance
  • Radiology Department

What You'll Learn

In this case study-driven course, you’ll improve the skills needed for resolving health care administration issues.

  • Analyze complete health care administration cases, situations, problems, and issues.
  • Develop competency in assessing, evaluating, analyzing, and solving health care management problems.
  • Develop creative capacities and original thinking for solving health care administration problems.
  • Practice effective interaction in groups and teams.
  • Assemble and collect valid and reliable data; estimate future trends in health care.
  • Draw relevant conclusions from research and analysis.

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In HAD 509, you’ll analyze administrative issues common to health care organizations. For more information about this course or other courses in The University of Scranton’s online Master of Health Administration degree, request more information or call us today toll-free at (866) 373-9547.

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