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HAD 508 Leadership in Health Care Administration

Lead by understanding and properly managing people.

8 weeks

It’s been said that leaders are born, not made. It’s true that some people possess personalities that others are drawn to, but leadership skills can be developed and improved. In HAD 508 Leadership in Health Care Administration, you’ll examine micro- and macro-organizational behavior theories of effective leadership within organizations.

Course Overview

The challenge for health care leaders is to provide direction, core values and structure so that people share the vision and mission of the organization. In this course, you’ll identify external and internal pressures causing changes in health care delivery and in organizations, as well as environmental forces that make it necessary for organizations to initiate change.

Goals, systems and multiple constituency approaches can all lead to effective leadership. It’s also important to create an environment that is positive and motivating. You’ll examine the impact of the increasing diversity of the workforce and you’ll evaluate the changing roles of managers in providing vision and leadership, and adapting the organization to the environment.

Sample Assignment

You’ll work in a team with other students to fully research and develop an assigned case study for class discussion. Your presentation will include a screencast and relevant questions for further class discussions.

Managers who motivate recognize the importance of rewards and performance. You’ll come to understand the motivation theories of reinforcement, expectancy, equity, and goal setting. You’ll also learn how to reduce and prevent organizational stress.

Conflict is inevitable in an organization. However, not all conflict has a negative impact. You’ll differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflict and consider the impact of intergroup conflict on organizational performance. A number of conflict resolution methods can yield results and you’ll learn to how and when to use them.

In comparing and contrasting different leadership models, you’ll analyze the pros and cons of centralization and decentralization of authority. Effective leaders convince others to put aside their own self-interests and work on common goals. You’ll learn how leaders create change but also need to develop the skills, competencies and values to sustain performance.

Course Topics

Throughout each week of the course, you will focus on a core topic or theme. Sample topics are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor.

  • Managing Organizations and Culture
  • Understanding Behavior, Motivation and Core Values
  • Managing Individuals, Workplace Stress and Teams
  • Managing Intergroup Conflict
  • Fundamentals of Leadership and Emerging Perspectives
  • Organizational Structure and Design
  • Managing Communication and Effective Decision Making
  • Managing Organizational Change and Learning

What You'll Learn

In HAD 508 you’ll learn the processes of communication, problem solving, critical thinking, conflict management, change management and decision making at individual, group, and organizational levels.

  • Understand the systems approach as it applies to human and organizational behavior.
  • Know the role of personality and perception in affecting behavior in organizations.
  • Critically examine traditional and contemporary approaches to work motivation.
  • Analyze the role of groups in organizations and their impact upon performance.
  • Evaluate the current state of knowledge regarding leadership and leader behavior.
  • Examine the variables affecting individual and group decision making/problem solving.
  • Comprehend the importance of communication in all aspects of an organization’s functioning.
  • Evaluate different approaches to job and organizational design.
  • Consider contemporary approaches to organizational change and managing people.
  • See the roles of governance and leadership as they relate to structure, responsibilities, quality and strategic planning.
  • Be able to use force field analysis in various case study application exercises.
  • Apply principles and concepts of diversity leadership and globalization.

Learn More

In HAD 508, you’ll evaluate and improve your individual leadership abilities, competencies, personal values, interpersonal and communication skills in order to be a more effective leader. For more information about this course or other courses in The University of Scranton’s online Master of Health Administration degree, request more information or call us today toll-free at (866) 373-9547.

The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.