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OM 503 Operations Management

Keep the wheels in motion.

8 weeks

In a way, operations management is like spinning plates. You oversee a number of processes, some of which are interdependent. You must “keep the plates spinning” at a specific pace in order to produce products and services on-time and within budget. If it seems complicated, it is, but there are tools and skill sets in place to help you develop operations management abilities.

Course Overview

Putting all the pieces together — whether it’s manufacturing a product or providing a service — is what operations management is about. An accurate estimate of product demand is a key input to operational planning at all levels—from resource planning in the aggregate to detailed planning for individual materials. You will study various predictive models that can be used to generate reliable forecasts.

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OM 503 is one of two courses offered within the Operations and Information Management core.

Quality management ensures that a company’s brand, service, or product offering is consistent. You’ll see how quality is defined and measured and become familiar with various quality philosophies and standards, including the seven quality improvement tools.

The real estate adage “location, location, location” can be critical to an organization, although the geographic locale may not be as big a factor as the physical plant. You’ll explore both location planning strategies and the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Managing inventory is important to the success of a company and its supply chains. Too much and you tie up capital and risk product obsolescence. Too little and you can’t meet demand. You’ll explore inventory management techniques and processes, as well as the streamlined “lean operations” concept.

Quick Stat

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth for operations managers to be 12.4% between 2012 and 2022 with the addition of 244,100 jobs.

Sample Course Topics

  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Forecasting
  • Product and Process Planning and Design
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Control
  • Location Planning and Analysis
  • Aggregate Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Just-In-Time and Lean Operations

What You'll Learn

In OM 503, you'll become well versed in the role operations plays within an organization.

  • Appreciate the critical role of operations managers — their contribution, problems and methods of work.
  • Understand the responsibilities and activities of operations managers and their interactions with other principal functions of business.
  • Recognize, formulate, and analyze decisions of operations managers.
  • See how quantitative and computing methods aid in solving operations-related problems.
  • Use the appropriate computer software (e.g., spreadsheets) to analyze and solve problems related to operations functions.

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