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FIN 583 Investment Analysis

Maximize your investment potential.

8 weeks

Stocks and bonds. Bulls and bears. Losses and gains. Investing in the financial markets is always a risk, especially if you’re not fully aware of what you’re investing in and why. Investing on a tip or gut instinct is only a good idea if you’re able to analyze the investment from different points of view.

Course Overview

Fortunes have been made and lost in the financial markets. Growing money quickly by investing in stocks and bonds can happen, but only if you know when to get out. On the other hand, a solid, long-term investment plan can pay off in time if you have the patience and the ability to watch your portfolio for potential risks and volatility, and can identify their effects.

By understanding financial markets and instruments traded in these markets, you’ll be better prepared to invest. You’ll learn the applications of investment performance measurement techniques in this course.

Your Flex Fit

Where does this course fall in your Flex curriculum?
FIN 583 is a miscellaneous elective course option for this program.

You’ll be introduced to the various asset class and financial instruments, as well as the primary and secondary markets for stocks and bonds. The various types of orders and the process of buying shares on margin will also become apparent to you.

Mutual funds are an important mechanism for investing in securities markets. You’ll gain insight into the basic measures of risk, return and performance measurement involved with these funds.

The first two elements in fundamental equity analysis, macroeconomic analysis and industry analysis will be discussed, as will different equity valuation models.

You’ll see how the price of a bond is computed and you’ll learn how to calculate yields and evaluate bond risk. How the interest rate risk of a bond using duration is measured and how to compute duration are other skills you’ll gain.

The theories of the term structure of interest rates will become clear to you and you’ll get a basic understanding of options and futures.

What are the pros and cons of purchasing stock using margin?

Discuss this and more in FIN 583.

Sample Course Topics

  • Introduction to Investments
  • Securities Markets
  • Mutual Funds
  • Risk and Return
  • Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis
  • Equity Valuation
  • Bond Prices and Yields
  • Managing Bond Portfolios
  • Options and Futures

What You’ll Learn

In FIN 583, you’ll gain insight into how companies analyze the investment opportunities presented to them.

  • Understand various financial instruments and the markets they trade in.
  • Know how indexes are constructed and used to measure performance.
  • Be able to analyze and value bonds.
  • Have experience analyzing and valuing stocks.
  • Appreciate how options and futures can be used to hedge risk.

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