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ACC 538 Accounting Communications

Deliver your message concisely and effectively.

8 weeks

You’ve heard the saying, “The numbers speak for themselves.” That isn’t always true. As any accountant or financial manager will tell you, the information included in financial reports doesn’t stand alone. Proper communication techniques can lend context to financial information and ensure that such information is understood and properly analyzed.

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Accounting Communications is one of seven core courses offered with this program’s Accounting specialization.

Course Overview

In all areas of accounting, communication methods, processes, and practices are in place. Some of these methods are required by law and others are simply best practice. Understanding and developing these skills will prove to be a valuable asset to your career.

You’ll examine the critical role communication plays in accounting and learn which skills are needed most at each stage of your career. As you sharpen you’re listening, speaking, and writing skills, you’ll become familiar with non-verbal, meta, and cross-cultural communication and see how they are applied to business settings.

Sample Assignment

You’ll work with classmates to write team papers demonstrating effective communication abilities.

External auditors must follow communication protocols that exist under SAS No. 114. You’ll learn how to follow these rules. You’ll also gain the research and communication skills needed for the various types of SEC filings, earnings calls, and annual shareholder meetings you may encounter throughout your accounting career.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain confidence and competence by participating in discussions and completing writing assignments in various areas of accounting.

  • Financial reporting
  • Cost management
  • Business evaluation
  • Internal auditing
  • Assurance services
How would you address the key communication considerations associated with an annual shareholder meeting?

Learn this and more in ACC 538.

Sample Course Topics

  • The Importance and Application of Communication Skills for Public and Private Accountants
  • Listening, Speaking, and Writing Communication Skills
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Communication Expectations of External Auditors Under SAS No. 114
  • The Writing Process and Corporate Controller Communications
  • Communication Methods and SEC Filing Communications
  • Earnings Calls and SEC Filing Communications
  • Annual Shareholder Meeting Communications and Earnings Calls

What You’ll Learn

Through ACC 538, you’ll improve your communication skills and learn to apply them to accounting-related situations, from financial reporting, cost management, and business evaluation, to internal auditing and assurance services.

  • Understand the accounting communication process both internally and externally to an organization.
  • Identify the requirements and expectations of key stakeholders in the communication process, their specific needs for information, and how to satisfy these needs.
  • Learn how accountants effectively operate at higher managerial positions when required to proactively articulate organizational and departmental strategies, goals, risks, and operating results.
  • Describe the importance of cross-cultural communication challenges in business.
  • Gain and demonstrate an understanding of the writing process for accountants.

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