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ACC 514 / ERP 514 Integration and Configuration

See how Enterprise Resource Planning improved financial reporting.

8 weeks

At a glance, accounting is a numbers game. But in reality, it’s about integrating data from across an organization and reporting that data in ways that have real meaning for decision makers.

Course Overview

In ACC 514/ERP 514, you’ll immerse yourself in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment by creating and configuring a medium-sized model company and completing hands-on assignments associated with implementing an ERP system.

This eight-week exercise will encompass every stage of reporting by including a variety of scenarios and will see you address the reporting needs of the model company in an integrated management and information technology environment. During each exercise, you’ll learn more than the “how” — the principles, methods, and techniques associated with your activities. You’ll also understand the “why” — the purpose, rationale and context for each step.

Software Preview

In ACC 514/ERP 514, you’ll gain mastery of SAP R/3 GUI software.

Using the SAP R/3 system, you’ll gain vital skills in ERP configuration as you determine the transaction, documentation, and reporting needs of the model company, and then select and deploy the ERP system capabilities to meet those needs.

You’ll create organizational structures in all needed functional areas, create the master data to support transaction processing and report generation, and set up the rules and parameters that will be applied to generating reports and conducting business.

A key element of this course is expanding your vocabulary of SAP terms, many of which have specific meanings and functionality and are not as interchangeable as they may seem at first.

Your Flex Fit

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ACC 514/ERP 514 is an advanced course within this program’s Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning specializations.

Sample Course Topics

  • Navigation, Business Processes and GBI
  • Financial Accounting Process
  • Procurement Process
  • Fulfillment Process
  • Production Process

What You'll Learn

Through ACC 514/ERP 514, you’ll learn the principles, methods, and techniques used in the reporting needs of an organization functioning in an integrated management and information technology environment.

  • Learn business processes, including finance, procurement and inventory management, production planning and execution, and sales and distribution, and know how they are integrated into an ERP system.
  • Appreciate how a company’s organizational structure and elements are represented in an ERP system.
  • Know how business processes and organizational structure and elements combine to configure an ERP system to an organization’s operating and reporting needs.
  • Understand internal controls in an ERP system.
  • Be able to configure and test an ERP system for a simulated medium-size company.

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