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HR 505 Recruitment and Staffing

Evaluate how people are moved into, through, and out of an organization.

8 weeks

Human resource professionals are charged with leading an organization's efforts to plan for, recruit, select, place, and retain qualified employees. At one time "qualified employees" meant qualified for the present. In HR 505 Recruitment and Staffing, you’ll understand the expectations for human resource professionals to forecast and plan for the long-term needs of the organization as well.

Course Overview

The importance of getting the recruitment and staff process correct cannot be overstated because the resulting domino effect can create potentially devastating results for an organization. As a student, you will gain insight into the foundational concepts of strategic staffing and see how different staffing strategies support business goals. You will also examine the laws and regulations that play an important role in determining how an organization recruits, hires, includes, and retains its employees.

What makes an employer’s brand unique and attractive to job applicants?

Discuss this and more in HR 505.

You’ll evaluate how business forecasts are developed and translated into estimates for future labor demand and supply. As you address sources for identifying job candidates, you’ll examine the importance of employer branding and image in recruiting. Employer branding and image are important in targeting recruits and you’ll learn the components of effective recruiting messages.

Assessing both external and internal job candidates can be achieved using a number of tools. You’ll review the use of interviews, work samples, personality testing, cognitive ability tests, performance reviews, and peer and supervisor rating methods. You’ll also discuss how to decide which job candidate(s) should receive job offers, how to negotiate those offers, and how to socialize new hires.

Sample Assignment

As part of a three-student team, you will choose an organization and complete weekly tasks that could be the responsibility of a company’s human resources manager, such as analyzing recruiting sources, preparing an ad for an open position, and developing a socialization plan for a new hire.

Once a staffing system is in place, it needs to be evaluated along with its accompanying metrics. You’ll review that process and see how technology can be leveraged to enhance recruitment and selection efforts. It will become apparent to you that recruiting and staffing cannot and should not operate in a vacuum. Although the human resources department is certainly a vital player in the mix, the recruiting and staffing process must be a team effort that includes minimally members of senior management, staff and line managers, and employees as well.

Sample Course Topics

Throughout each week of the course, you’ll focus on a core topic or theme. Sample topics are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor.

  • Strategic Staffing; Business and Staffing Strategies
  • The Legal Context; Strategic Job Analysis and Competency Modeling
  • Forecasting and Planning; Sourcing/Identifying Recruits
  • Recruiting; Measurement
  • Assessing External and Internal Candidates
  • Choosing and Hiring Candidates; Managing Workforce Flow
  • Staffing System Evaluation and Technology
  • Final Project and Reflections

What You’ll Learn

In HR 505, you’ll examine the interconnected processes of recruiting and staffing.

  • Know of strategic staffing-related terminology and concepts.
  • Understand the fundamental principles, theories, and practices associated with strategic staffing.
  • Apply course-related knowledge and materials to improve problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Further develop your communication skills.
  • Acquire or further develop your skills in working with others as a member of a team.
  • Discover implications of the course for understanding yourself.

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In HR 505, you’ll examine staffing processes that support an organization’s business strategy and enhance its effectiveness. For more information about The University of Scranton’s online Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Human Resources Management degree, request more information or call us today toll-free at (866) 373-9547.

The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.