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Maggie Nasser

Maggie Nasser

Maggie Nasser is pursuing her Masters of Business Administration with specializations in Healthcare Management and Operations Management, and she is expected to graduate in May 2017. She works as the Administrator, Special Projects and Initiatives at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, an non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life for all people in Lackawanna County through the development of organized philanthropy.

There may not be a single educational path that will work for every person, but it has been my experience that selecting MBA specializations has been tremendously beneficial to my education and to my career.

As a student of The University of Scranton’s accredited online MBA program, I’ve been fortunate when it comes to groupwork.

When I think about the skills I have gained in my almost two years in this program, I believe that I can categorize them into the functional skills gained from my classwork and the incidental skills gained from participating in the accredited online MBA program at The University of Scranton.

If I am being honest, my career may be a bit untraditional for some others in an MBA program. After years in working in the for-profit health field, I have found my place in an industry that I love – the nonprofit sector.

In the winter of 2016, I had one year of the MBA program under my belt. I had just come back from the holiday break, and I was struggling somewhat with my ability to get back into a groove after three weeks off.

Choosing the University of Scranton to pursue my MBA degree was one of the easier life decisions that I have made as an adult.

I could never proclaim to have the busiest schedule that ever existed. I know plenty of working mothers who go to school and volunteer many hours on top of their widely busy schedules.

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