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How I Chose my MBA Specialization in Healthcare Management

Being able to choose a MBA specialization is what initially drew me to The University of Scranton in the first place. While earning a traditional MBA from Scranton will still present you with career advancement opportunities far beyond those of comparable universities, the Kania School of Management (KSOM) offers a plethora of specialization options to choose from, seven programs to be exact.  At first, I began to think about what other universities could offer, but I realized that half of these schools are merely just a brand or a publicly-televised name, and The University of Scranton is an institution that breeds successful, passionate graduates. After little debate, I decided to come back to pursue my graduate degree at the same place I called home for four years as an undergraduate from 2008 to 2012. This is the same university that helped me to stand out among my colleagues as a proven leader and instilled the ideas of St. Ignatius Loyola in my life by pushing me to “Go Forth and Set the World on Fire.”

Personally, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I applied to the MBA program, so it allowed me to narrow down my choices to a few schools that offered a specialization in Healthcare Management. Although it may seem that a MBA with this specialization is commonly accessible across the country, I could only find a handful that challenged students with an enriching, rigorous curriculum, and only one program that falls in line with the expectations derived from a Jesuit education. For those who are undecided, you can easily apply to the program and figure out what you would like to specialize in later. Because of the wide-range of class offerings each semester, I have been able to gain knowledge in various aspects of business by enrolling in class like Health Care Law or Global Marketing, while figuring out what degrees I have taken an interest in so I can focus on a specialization.

To my previous point, The University of Scranton offers an encompassing list of specialization options that covers degrees from Accounting to Finance to International Business. In addition to these opportunities, KSOM lets you choose to complete your MBA degree on campus or online, allowing prospective students like myself to have a flexible option when distance or a career hinders my ability to make it to Brennan Hall in Scranton. This was truly a blessing in disguise for me because I currently work in an increasingly competitive healthcare sales and marketing role, which requires my full attention during the week day, and I found it difficult to be a full-time, on-campus student. With the online MBA and specialization in Healthcare Management, I can continue to build upon the success I have fostered in my job while advancing my knowledge of industry I work in to move up in my company. Although I’d love to spread the classes out evenly across the six-year time frame that The University of Scranton permits to complete the degree, I have found that sticking to a balanced schedule will let me finish in under two years! Now, that’s amazing, especially for a MBA program with the caliber of The University of Scranton.

In all, I have found that focusing your MBA on a certain specialization creates a straighter path towards career advancement, particularly when you enroll with a specific concentration in mind. With all of these options, I know I made the right choice in coming back home to The University of Scranton, and I am happy to experience a top-notch, Jesuit education once again.


About the Author

Andrew Donet

Hello. My name is Andrew and I am enrolled in the MBA program with a focus in Healthcare Management. As an undergraduate alumnus of the University of Scranton and a professional in the field of healthcare sales and marketing operations, I am looking forward to using this MBA degree move up in my field of work. As for me personally, I love hiking, playing and watching sports, walking my dog, volunteering, and traveling.

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