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Choosing an MBA Major That Meets Your Goals

Choosing a major that aligns to your career goals and ambitions is extremely important. In fact, one can argue that this choice is the most important decision you can make, even more important is the institution or school you apply to. The material, content and philosophies you obtain in your major will help you set the foundation for success and longevity in your occupational space. Without the proper research and insight, you can inadvertently select the wrong area of study and create unnecessary challenges for yourself. It is imperative that you fully understand where you want to go and who you want to become before you are truly ready to select the major to help meet your goal.

Before I ultimately selected to study Operation Management at The University of Scranton, I was first considering if I wanted to even go back to school. I had graduated with my Bachelors of Science from Rutgers University and I had been working full-time for a few years. It did not take long for me to understand the importance of furthering my education. At the time, I was a staffing associate within Human Resources. For over three years, I was responsible for recruiting a wide range of professionals from various industries, including Engineering, Technology and Supply Chain.

During my time as a recruiter, I had noticed a trend. The working professionals who had obtained their Master’s Degree exhibited constant growth throughout their career; fueled by impressive accomplishments and easily-identifiable strengths. They were able to offer unique perspectives and problem-solving abilities that incorporate internal functional processes when approaching present and future challenges. Their analytical and detailed problem-solving abilities make them competitive and the most sought after talent in the market. I was able to immediately identify candidates who have advanced educational achievements without evaluating their resume; they tend to transcend within a group of similar professionals based on their motivation and leadership abilities alone. It was not long before I knew that in order for me to take the next step in my career; I should start considering advanced education.

Now came the hard part…what to study? I took a hard look at my career path up until this point. I had graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Environmental Sciences. I loved numbers and solving complex problems while understanding the bigger picture. I worked in a lab for about two years after graduating and eventually realized that I wanted to work in a more collaborative and business-oriented environment. I decided to hit the reset button in my career and completely shifted my career path. I moved back in with my parents and I grabbed the first job I could find during a tumultuous economy, consultative recruiting. I followed this path for a few years, and I was successful. I ultimately transitioned to a large telecommunications company which provided a lot of opportunity for growth. However, this is where I started to feel the gaps in my previous education start to weigh down on me. This company provided so many options and career opportunities, however I felt as if I was missing the tools to take the next step. As mentioned, I was recruiting professionals who had their advanced degrees and I knew they had the skills to be successful in the jobs I wanted to step into. I knew I needed to pursue something in business.

To be honest, I selected the MBA path at The University of Scranton because I was unsure of exactly what field to specialize in. All I knew at the time was that I needed to develop my business acumen and comprehension to understand the “big picture” and solve the complex challenges I now faced in a few industry. The MBA program at The University of Scranton helped get me back on track real quick. Their modules served as pre-requisites that laid out the fundamentals that I had missed when I was studying science over business. These classes helped set me up for success in the more advanced courses. It was when I took Introduction to Supply Chain that I saw my two different interests of numbers and operations merge into one clear direction. Though my research and experience was somewhat unorthodox and atypical, I now fully understand the importance of choosing the right major and I could not be any more excited for the journey ahead!

About the Author

Stephen Najemian

Stephen Najemian is a Staffing Manager on Prudential's Campus Recruitment team; identifying top-tier talent to participate in Prudential’s challenging and rewarding Summer Internship Program. Stephen directly supports his Hiring Managers and Business Champions with creating, implementing and executing a robust recruitment strategy in order to build strong relationships at Prudential’s target universities. This strategy includes building and maintaining a strong talent pipeline used to recruit the best talent and future leaders of the organization.

Stephen has over six years of Talent Acquisition experience. Prior to joining Prudential, Stephen served as Sr. Corporate Recruiter for Verizon Wireless, focusing talent acquisition efforts for experienced candidates within the Information Technology and Engineering field. Stephen received his undergraduate Degree from Rutgers University in Environmental Science. After working in a lab for a few years, he decided to change the direction of his career and focus on working in a more collaborative and business-oriented profession. In order to bridge the knowledge gap between his target business profession and his prior background in science, Stephen decided to pursue his Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Scranton. Stephen’s exposure to Supply Chain and Logistics has led him to declare a specialization in Operations Management and pursue a Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management.

Stephen is PHR certified and a member of the Society of Human Resource Management. When he is not working, Stephen enjoys spending time with this family, volunteering, participating in Spartan Races, taking his dogs to the park and relaxing on the beach.

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