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My Journey to an Online Master in Accountancy degree

Whether looking to enhance resume skills by adding to existing knowledge of your profession, earning an advanced degree or finishing something started years earlier, The University of Scranton has a place for you. As a professional in the field of finance with both a Bachelors and a Masters degree, the drive to attend school was based on a desire to obtain enough accounting hours to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. After researching many schools and talking with many educators, the choice was clear and easy to enroll at the University of Scranton.

In my past experience, schools often encounter times where classes are not offered and delays can occur in the process of obtaining your degree. When earning my Bachelor’s degree at another university, my major was accounting and advising informed me that it would take three semesters to finish my last three courses due to times the classes were offered. As a non-traditional student ready to focus on my professional career, I did not want to spend three more semesters finishing my degree. Advising found an out to complete a business administration degree instead of accounting so I changed my degree and focused on my career to finish on time.

Years later, I was informed a promotion would have been available to me if I had an accounting degree. The reality is that I should have taken those three classes, but this has given me the opportunity to earn the online Master in Accountancy and have the hours needed to sit for the CPA exam.

Early on in discussions with staff at the university, I made known my expectations to move through the program without delays and the end goal was to have the hours to sit for the CPA. From the pre-enrollment counseling to my academic advising, all members of the staff have been helpful every step of the way and have worked to stay in line with my goals to finish within the year time frame set for myself.

My worst fear came one day as I was sitting at work and received a phone call from the university. The representative contacted me stating the final class I registered for did not have the enrollment to start the class. I was going to have to sit out until the next term started to finish my online Master in Accountancy degree. My response was, “this is my last class”! Luckily, the woman on the phone sympathized and heard the same thing from several other students.

The University of Scranton received my highest level of respect the day they worked to put the student first and found a way to provide a course to us students who needed that one class to complete their degrees. Advanced Taxation has been fun and unique, because it has been based on real time changes to our corporate tax system and the staff showed a great deal of expertise in pulling together this class in a short window.

I have talked with people looking to go back to get an online Master in Accountancy degree and my first recommendation has been The University of Scranton. This has been the best experience with faculty and staff and I feel that I am prepared to take the CPA exam next year based on the knowledge I have learned in this program. Thank you University of Scranton for allowing me to finish on time to continue toward achieving my professional goals!

About the Author

Keri Hindman

My name is Keri Hindman and I am 37 years old.  I live in Alabama and have a husband and an almost two year old son.  They are the most fun I have each day.  I currently am a director in the healthcare industry.  I have been blessed to work in the banking, software and healthcare over my professional career and gained great exposure and knowledge to what makes companies successful based on experience.  I chose to attend the University of Scranton based on the conversations with people who gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision about my choice to build my professional resume and earn the accounting hours needed to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.  My goal is to be the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operations Officer of a healthcare institution over the course of the next five years.  In addition to growing my career in healthcare, my goal is to teach online classes to give back to other students just as many teachers and professors have done for me.  I enjoy seeing people grow and develop the skills that God has granted. 

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