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Why I Chose the University of Scranton to Pursue My Online Accountancy Degree

At the ripe old age of 47, I found myself in a rather unhappy predicament related to my career.  My family life was as close to perfect as I deemed possible, but let’s face it, most adults spend a significant amount of life at work.  Being an optimistic sort, I knew I needed to make a change.  I decided that my best ticket to a new level in my career was returning to school for a online accountancy masters.  What school though and at what cost?  Can a professional get a master’s degree while fulfilling work responsibilities?  I began searching.  I needed an online accountancy  program because I live in the mountains and am not willing to trade such majestic beauties for city life.  My undergraduate school was rated among the top in the nation, so I wanted a school with a great reputation.  I did and do not (yet) have a fortune to spend on tuition.  Lastly, I seriously needed some help getting started. 

I contacted several schools and talked to their recruiters.  I received a call from someone at The University of Scranton.  He seemed much more interested and in tune with my situation than his competitors.  He enlightened me that the online accountancy degree earned online at The University of Scranton is the same as the degree received by an on campus student.  He also explained that the programs are geared toward professionals with hectic schedules and that I would not be required to “attend” live classes via video conferencing technology.  He reassured me that each class was 8 weeks long and that if necessary, I could take 8 weeks off in order to accommodate work demands, so long as I finish the program in 6 years.  I hung up the phone and decided that he had earned the university my consideration.  I discovered that U.S. News and World Report has consistently ranked The University of Scranton among the top ten master’s universities in the Regional Universities North category.  (U.S. News & World Report, 2016).  In addition, it has been continually recognized as a best value school by the same and has received accolades from the Princeton Review, The Economist, etc.  Just like that, my concerns about scheduling, reputation, and cost were alleviated.   

My next challenge…how to get in.  The school representative who initially called me, quite literally served as a mentor.  He broke the application process down into manageable steps.  He took the time in each phone call to express interest in what I was doing, and encouraged me throughout.  He even called me after my first webinar to make sure I was still feeling confident and did not have unanswered questions.

The University of Scranton claims that it is “known for its personal approach to education, one in which individuals are respected and cherished for their unique talents, aspirations and vocations.” (U.S. News & World Report, 2016).  I can attest that my experience thus far confirms that statement.  Life gave me some lemons and I was the only one who could turn them into lemonade.  I sought a new life mission and am so grateful that I have found a partner in the University of Scranton to achieve my new goals. 


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Donna Yoder

I grew up in two places - the high peaks of Colorado during the school years and a farm in Michigan during the summers. My senior year of high school I moved to Michigan and after graduation enrolled at Michigan State University for my undergraduate studies. I moved to Colorado permanently in 1992. I have enjoyed 24 years of accounting and business consulting work. Even more than that, I enjoy my husband, 3 sons, and a rambunctious collie. In my free time I enjoy walking, running, figure skating, and reading about shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

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