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The University of Scranton's Mission

The University of Scranton is a Catholic and Jesuit university animated by the spiritual vision and the tradition of excellence characteristic of the Society of Jesus and those who share its way of life. The University is a community dedicated to the freedom of inquiry and personal development fundamental to the growth in wisdom and integrity of all who share its life.

Graduate and Continuing Education Services

Graduate and Continuing Education Services (GCES) is a community of scholars committed, in the Jesuit tradition, to high-quality academic study, scholarship, and service to mankind. We value the pursuit of wisdom, integrity, and truth; and we protect the freedom of inquiry. GCES encourages the sharing of knowledge, fosters a commitment to civic and social responsibility, educates leaders, and promotes lifelong learning.

The Arthur J. Kania School of Management

The Mission of the Kania School of Management is to provide a Jesuit-inspired business education, within a culture of excellence, which prepares women and men for success.

To achieve this mission the Kania School of Management of The University of Scranton is committed to:

  • Instilling intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning
  • Disseminating and creating knowledge
  • Facilitating student development of business skills and independent thinking
  • Fostering a comprehension of, and sensitivity to, international issues and social justice
  • Modeling personal integrity and ethical decision making
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for service to others

The Panuska College of Professional Studies

The Panuska College of Professional Studies upholds the highest academic standards in preparing undergraduate and graduate students for successful professional careers in allied health and education. The three interrelated themes of Jesuit education: a focus on moral reflection, teaching for social justice, and the liberal treatment of subject matters are embedded in our PCPS curriculum as well as rigorous scholarship and service on both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our emphasis is on intellectual inquiry and clinical practice devoted to the lifelong development and improvement of our students, our faculty, our programs, and the global community.

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