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Graduate and Continuing Education

Graduate and Continuing Education Services at The University of Scranton is responsible for all aspects of graduate study including the administration of all graduate degrees offered by the University.

The department views graduate programs and academic departments from an institution-wide perspective and articulates a vision for all post-baccalaureate endeavors. Working in consultation with the academic deans of the other colleges, the department establishes policies that define good practice in graduate programs, high quality in curriculum, excellence in student selection, and rigor in faculty appointments.

The department serves as an advocate for the intellectual development of the graduate student, promotes the collective academic involvement of graduate students and faculty, assures that faculty members serve their appropriate role as academic and professional mentors, reinforces the importance of research in each academic program, and defines the minimum standards acceptable for post-baccalaureate work.

By establishing minimum admission, credit hour, grade point, and completion requirements, the department ensures equity in the standards for all master's and doctoral degrees. While each graduate program provides faculty, curriculum, and policies specific to a program’s unique status, all graduate programs at The University of Scranton aspire to the goal of academic excellence.

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