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Health & Human Services Resource Center

Welcome to the online resource center. Here you can explore trends in each field and discover the benefits of earning an online degree. We hope you find this information useful and instructional as you embark on this exciting educational journey.

Health informatics is the union of health care and information technology and incorporates elements of big data, analytics, and now mobile technology.
Health informatics is becoming an integral part of the insurance industry as more insurers work with health-care providers.
The way patients interact with their health-care providers is evolving thanks to health informatics technologies.
If you want to move into a leadership position in healthcare, you have two main options for an advanced degree: a Master of Health Administration (MHA) and a Master of Business Administration with a Healthcare Management specialization (MBA HCM).
From a fee-for-service business model to one focused on the quality of patient care, has created enormous pressure for executives managing the business side.
Thanks to the implementation of electronic health records, clinics and care providers now have better access to vital patient information – and with that comes the ability to make better-informed treatment decisions.
A career in hospital administration means a high overall salary, a competitive industry with growth potential, and the ability to make a real difference.
Gaining OSHA Compliance is easier when employers invest time and resources to research OSHA standards and implement programs to ensure worker safety.
Health information management provides a balance between the number-crunching side of healthcare and the growing demand to provide optimum care for every patient.
The field of healthcare administration is ideal for individuals who are interested in obtaining leadership positions within hospitals, clinics, and other large healthcare facilities.
Information technology (IT) is the newest marvel of modern healthcare. Learn more about its history and how it is changing the health care landscape.
Most patients are, by now, used to seeing their health care providers put notes into a computer during office visits.
Recent transformations within the health care industry have given healthcare executives the opportunity to consider more diverse career options.
The University of Scranton has launched an online Master of Science in Health Informatics to answer the growing demand for professionals trained to interpret medical data...
When you became a health care professional, you made a career and life choice dedicated to helping others and bettering communities. When you brought those skills as a professional in the military, you joined more than 12,000 health care...


Discover how an online MHA or MBA with Healthcare Management specialization from The University of Scranton can make a difference in your life. Request more information or speak with one of our Program Managers at 866-373-9547.