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Business & Leadership Resource Center

Welcome to the online resource center. Here you can explore trends in each field and discover the benefits of earning an online degree. We hope you find this information useful and instructional as you embark on this exciting educational journey.

Change in work culture directly influences an HR manager’s responsibilities. Becoming an advocate for employees has taken center stage.
Whether a sole proprietor human resources consult or a company’s senior HR officer there are amazing HR titles and careers out there for you to discover.
The creation and enforcement of a protocol concerning employee termination through human resources reduces conflict and improves professional interaction.
Today, more companies are turning toward a telecommute strategy, but is working remotely right for everyone?
What is the best way to cope with stress in the workplace? This article shows how therapeutic behavior management can help at any stage.
For managers, keeping your employees happy and engaged should be a top priority. A balance is needed for working hard and rewards given for that work.
Knowledge of regulatory compliance allows human resources managers to determine the best course to help any business achieve success under U.S. laws.
Forensic accounting has gained recognition and reputation in the past few decades with the publicity of high-profile criminal cases, sparking the interest of many intrigued students.
With these guidelines, you can ensure that the company’s mission, values and business practices are maintained and held to the highest standard among employees and clients alike.
Corporations have an increased focus on operating in a manner that is sustainable for the business and the surrounding environment.