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Business & Leadership Resource Center

Welcome to the online resource center. Here you can explore trends in each field and discover the benefits of earning an online degree. We hope you find this information useful and instructional as you embark on this exciting educational journey.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly more important today and can take on various forms. Here are five ways CSR contributes to the triple bottom line.
Information technologies that integrate business functions across the enterprise, known as Enterprise Systems, are the backbone of modern organizations. Here are 10 ways that enterprise systems can benefit the companies that successfully implement...
All organizations have a capital structure, even non-profit organizations. When it comes to accounting considerations for non-profit organizations, it's important to know what separates the accounting practices from those of for-profit entities.
Happy and healthy employees are an asset to every company. HR departments can use the following employment guide to promote healthier living, stronger performance levels, and greater satisfaction for their organization’s employees.
Basic financial planning is to running a business as knowing how to speak a given language is to visiting a foreign country.
As lending standards, audit regulations, and financial laws become more meticulous, accountants with an advanced degree and more refined skill set will find themselves in demand.
Today’s innovative health care environment brings with it an opportunity for those interested in business to practice executive leadership that is centered on patient care and the patient’s family.
While social media can build an organization’s brand and image, improper use of social media accounts by employees can be damaging. Find out why your organization should have a social media policy.
Introduction into the WileyCPAexcel CPA prep review course that is used within The University of Scranton online MAcc.
For professionals pursuing online master’s degree in accounting , new doors of opportunity are opening for accounting careers in teaching – especially for those who intend to continue their education to a doctorate level.
With the current deficit of qualified accounting educators and the projected continued shortage, new provisions are being made to increase the pool of accounting professionals with terminal degrees, making them eligible to teach at the university...
The landscape for accountants is changing and with a myriad of accreditation, credential, and advanced degree options, knowing the requisites and specializations offered to succeed in your desired field is vital.
As regulations continue to change, the need for qualified CPAs and those with traditional or online masters degrees in accounting will continue to grow.
CPAs should become well versed in state regulations regarding Chapter 9 as well as attend CPEs on government insolvency and establish working relationships with area attorneys practicing within municipality bankruptcy.
With a goal to mitigate regulatory oversight, the SEC has unveiled a revolutionary tool known as the accounting quality model (AQM).