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Business & Leadership Resource Center

Welcome to the online resource center. Here you can explore trends in each field and discover the benefits of earning an online degree. We hope you find this information useful and instructional as you embark on this exciting educational journey.

With a Master of Accountancy, graduates have the knowledge and skills they need to successfully prepare for and take the CPA exam.
With a Master of Accountancy, graduates are prepared to accurately understand and use all accounting standards, domestic or international.
Learn how new accounting technology has changed the industry, including which mobile apps are most useful for big accounting firms.
Learn what auditors need to know about Operation Broken Gate in terms of accounting accountability and aligning strategic finance with SEC requirements.
Are you thinking about returning to school, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? A growing number of students are turning to online degree programs.
In a world where international business continues to grow at a rapid pace, working abroad is becoming a more common opportunity for MBA grads.
Top-notch business schools have abandoned the GMAT exam requirements, instead turning to other criteria such as the undergraduate GPA, and accomplishments.
Less than 5 percent of the world’s business programs have earned AACSB accreditation, which is the highest standard of achievement for business schools.
If you are in your first management position or at the top of the company-, good leaders never stop growing. Here are some tips to becoming a better leader.
Organizationally, financially, and legally, accounting is a core department in any organization, and the need for a highly trained accounting team is absolutely essential.
If there is one thing that has characterized the business landscape in the new millennium, it’s change. Many American companies are struggling to adapt.
Anyone needing a career change to human resources or quick advancement will appreciate the many reasons to make the change explained in this free guide.
Although many accounting professionals acquire licenses for both Certified Public Accountant¬ (CPA) and Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) designations, there are note-worthy differences between the two.
There is one number that stands out to burgeoning accounting professionals and with good reason. The number 4—as in The Big 4—is linked to career stability, growth and prestige.
Your resume has to stand out in a pile of papers. Once it is noticed, it also has to demonstrate you know the accounting industry.
Management, tax authorities, lenders, and investors rely on accurate, detailed financial statements to make decisions about a company. Audits are crucial in helping to ensure such accuracy.
Buzzwords can be great, but if overused or used incorrectly they can become a real annoyance to both peers and colleagues.
For many people, tax season is not an enjoyable time of year. For accountants who are working 55 hours a week or more, tax season can be high-paced and very stressful, which can be made worse by clients wanting to be creative...
Writing a great resume is a balancing act. You need to outline your portfolio with professional keywords in your field, but also stand out from the pack.
If you’re looking for career advancement in accounting, consider exploring a professional development plan to enhance your professional pathway.
A high number of high quality professional accounting qualifications and credentials exist to keep the career minded moving. Here we list the 10 best.
CEOs are increasingly turning to training programs to help their employees develop key skills. They know that such skills are important for individual and organizational success.
Families are an integral part of society, and so work policies that affect family life are crucial. Let’s look at the parental leave policies around the world.
Students contemplating a career in accounting may be wondering which path is right for them, an MBA with a focus in Accounting, or an MS of Accountancy.
By having a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree, graduates can get a scholastic step up and a foot in the door with the Big 4 Accounting Firms.
How can you as a human-resource professional make sure your company’s compensation strategy is a win/win for your company and its employees?
From the Big 4 to trending topics, let’s look into what to expect for 2016 in the world of accounting.
Joining a professional accounting association is a great way to network and enhance your career.
Thousands of accounting graduates each year join the work force. Read this article to better your chance of choosing where you work as an accountant.
Basic, soft skills accountants need to succeed are often forgotten. Here’s a list of 5 to work on.
Millennials now make up the largest share of the workforce. Recruiting young professionals requires a different approach and a new set of skills from human resource professionals.
Preparation and strategic thinking will help you pass the Certified Public Accountant examination. Finding out when you should take the exam and which sections to take first enhances your confidence and ability to pass.
As well as taking into account other people’s finances, accountants like to find themselves in the black. Knowing a CPA can improve your salary by at least 33 percent is an important number.
The infographic below offers data showing that a master’s degree helps you earn more in the human resources field. A bachelor’s degree is a pre-requisite for many human resources careers, and a master’s degree is increasingly expected or required.
A Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a self-motivated, self-guided formal document that a person creates to outline skills and knowledge when developing short-term and long-term goals.
When building your future, base your plans on statistical facts. As someone looking to take on a human resources masters degree, you want to know there’s a bright future ahead for your dream job.
The first rung of the HR career ladder is knowing the right stuff, the second is a willingness to learn more. Get to know your industry.
Getting to know people, and what motivates and influences them is how to get into human resources or make a career change to human resources. Read on for more tips.
HR manager skills and competencies start with wanting to learn and being able to quickly resolve conflict and problems.
Change in work culture directly influences an HR manager’s responsibilities. Becoming an advocate for employees has taken center stage.
Whether a sole proprietor human resources consult or a company’s senior HR officer there are amazing HR titles and careers out there for you to discover.
The creation and enforcement of a protocol concerning employee termination through human resources reduces conflict and improves professional interaction.
Today, more companies are turning toward a telecommute strategy, but is working remotely right for everyone?
What is the best way to cope with stress in the workplace? This article shows how therapeutic behavior management can help at any stage.
For managers, keeping your employees happy and engaged should be a top priority. A balance is needed for working hard and rewards given for that work.
Knowledge of regulatory compliance allows human resources managers to determine the best course to help any business achieve success under U.S. laws.
Forensic accounting has gained recognition and reputation in the past few decades with the publicity of high-profile criminal cases, sparking the interest of many intrigued students.
With these guidelines, you can ensure that the company’s mission, values and business practices are maintained and held to the highest standard among employees and clients alike.
Corporations have an increased focus on operating in a manner that is sustainable for the business and the surrounding environment.
Business owners must be proactive in creating the type of team environment that fosters and cultivates engaged, interested employees.
Social responsibility has become a measurement by which businesses are judged. This datagraphic shares the facts about corporate social responsibility.
For companies seeking to enhance their public and environmental persona, candidates with a triple bottom line MBA can be especially appealing.
Find out how to drive business success through the creation, measurement, and tracking of versatile sustainability methods.
For companies that are implementing sustainability and the triple bottom line, using social media to communicate with consumers can still be challenging.
Highlights companies that are great examples of sustainability and the triple bottom line while using ethical business practices.
The “Sustainability and the MBA: The Triple Bottom Line” guide helps you discover how to build stronger and more sustainable relationships between organizations, stakeholders, and the community.
For those interested in a career in the operations management field, there are 4 key areas of focus.
After mastering these business management functions, such as leadership and planning, any manager should have the ability to successfully run a business.
Since 2007, when the first smartphone was released, the effect they have had on the US and the world’s economic growth has been monumental.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly more important today and can take on various forms. Here are five ways CSR contributes to the triple bottom line.
Information technologies that integrate business functions across the enterprise, known as Enterprise Systems, are the backbone of modern organizations. Here are 10 ways that enterprise systems can benefit the companies that successfully implement...
All organizations have a capital structure, even non-profit organizations. When it comes to accounting considerations for non-profit organizations, it's important to know what separates the accounting practices from those of for-profit entities.
Happy and healthy employees are an asset to every company. HR departments can use the following employment guide to promote healthier living, stronger performance levels, and greater satisfaction for their organization’s employees.
Basic financial planning is to running a business as knowing how to speak a given language is to visiting a foreign country.
As lending standards, audit regulations, and financial laws become more meticulous, accountants with an advanced degree and more refined skill set will find themselves in demand.
Today’s innovative health care environment brings with it an opportunity for those interested in business to practice executive leadership that is centered on patient care and the patient’s family.
While social media can build an organization’s brand and image, improper use of social media accounts by employees can be damaging. Find out why your organization should have a social media policy.
Choosing between an MBA and MHA can be difficult. Use this visual tool to educate yourself on the benefits and help guide your decision.
Introduction into the WileyCPAexcel CPA prep review course that is used within The University of Scranton online MAcc.
For professionals pursuing online master’s degree in accounting , new doors of opportunity are opening for accounting careers in teaching – especially for those who intend to continue their education to a doctorate level.
With the current deficit of qualified accounting educators and the projected continued shortage, new provisions are being made to increase the pool of accounting professionals with terminal degrees, making them eligible to teach at the university...
The landscape for accountants is changing and with a myriad of accreditation, credential, and advanced degree options, knowing the requisites and specializations offered to succeed in your desired field is vital.
As regulations continue to change, the need for qualified CPAs and those with traditional or online masters degrees in accounting will continue to grow.
CPAs should become well versed in state regulations regarding Chapter 9 as well as attend CPEs on government insolvency and establish working relationships with area attorneys practicing within municipality bankruptcy.
With a goal to mitigate regulatory oversight, the SEC has unveiled a revolutionary tool known as the accounting quality model (AQM).
A September 2013 study found that the percentage of companies with written romance policies has doubled since 2005. However, few of these companies actually have "love contracts" or a written agreement between two employees...
[HR PROGRAM FEATURE] To be an effective business leader it is important to understand the broad operations and processes that drive commerce and create growth. However, to be a successful Human Resource leader, it is not only critical to understand...
[INFOGRAPHIC] Are you interested in advancing your career with an MBA? And did you know that there is a wide array of speciality degree programs available? In many cases, by just taking a few additional courses in your MBA program, you can...
Turnover and hiring new employees can be both time consuming and costly for businesses. Not only must businesses work to retain as many hard-working personnel as possible, they also work to make good hiring decisions to avoid a loss when it comes to...
Human resource managers know that hiring the wrong person for a job can be a frustrating and disappointing experience, both for the company and the new hire. Poor decisions can be costly; according to a recent Harvard Business Review study, the cost...
Risks to patients, staff, and organizations are prevalent in healthcare. Thus, it is necessary for an organization to have qualified risk managers to assess, develop, implement, and monitor risk management plans with the goal of minimizing exposure...
Overseeing the operations of any business is a career in which the right business-minded individual can truly succeed. Operational managers are tasked to ensure that operations are both efficient and effective. However, this requires not only...
Management Information Systems (MIS) focus on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in managing organizations. In the 21st century almost all organizations use Information and Communication Technologies to efficiently manage...
When it comes to modern-day business planning in the most competitive global markets ever seen, having a keen understanding of how, when and why our new “information-intelligent” consumers are buying is critical to the health of any organization...