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MS in Human Resources Course Descriptions

HR 500: Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3 credits

Organizational behavior, theories and practices are examined from traditional and contemporary perspectives. Behavior is studied at the individual, group and organizational levels. The role of effective leadership within a changing workplace and workforce is emphasized.

HR 501: Human Resources 3 credits

This is a survey course of the human resources functions utilized within an organization and their implications for line and staff personnel. It is intended to provide students with an overview of the human resources function in organizational settings. The course draws upon both current HR practices and relevant research.

HR 504: Strategic Planning 3 credits

The course is designed as a review of the strategic planning process with practical applications in strategy development. Emphasis is on the functions of finance including financial statements, capital budgeting and financing, revenue and expense budgets, cash flow and cash management, cost-benefits analysis, and human resources.

HR 505: Recruitment and Staffing 3 credits

The various factors in determining how to recruit and retain employees will be discussed and analyzed. Legal requirements, case studies and best practices will be utilized to determine how to apply diverse practices to specific situations including human resource planning process, forecasting methods, affirmative action and succession planning.

HR 506: Workplace Learning and Performance 3 credits

This course explores the concept of workplace learning and key factors that contribute to it. Learning at the individual, group, and organizational level will be discussed. Adult learning and development theories will also provide the theoretical framework to understand the elements of an effectively designed training intervention.

HR 510: Organizational Change 3 credits

This course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of organization functions and help them develop a timely strategic game plan for running the organization. The course emphasizes organizational theory and its applications. The role of the human resources professional as a consultant is studied.

HR 511: Total Rewards 3 credits

This course is an introduction to the basic theories and practices of finance. Students will examine key components of developing a rewards system and study strategic and operational decisions in the design and coordination of a rewards system. Job analysis, job evaluation, designing pay structures, pay-for-performance plans, performance appraisals, benefits, international pay systems, and legal issues in compensation are explored.

HR 512: Employee & Labor Relations 3 credits

This course examines the need for development and implementation of employee relations interventions, including human resources policies and procedures, as well as the role of organized labor and collective bargaining in the workplace.

HR 515: Workplace Diversity 3 credits

This course is designed to teach students to manage the dynamic of differences among individuals through self-awareness, cultural communication skills, and identifying the culture of the organization. In addition, students will be introduced to the issues surrounding disability and work.

HR 516: Ethics in HR 3 credits

This course provides class members with an opportunity to improve their ability to make ethical decisions by teaching them to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical issues and to better understand how to cope with conflicts between personal values and the values of their organizations.

HR 517: Evaluative Research 3 credits

This course covers qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate to the study of organizations. The significance and development of the practice as field researcher is highlighted. The development of a research survey and program evaluation is also emphasized.

HR 518: Risk Management 3 credits

The course will review occupational safety and health legislation and management’s role in maintaining the safety and health of employees. Policies that provide a safe and secure environment in maintaining a violence free workplace to minimize the organizations loss and liability will be reviewed.

HR 520: Capstone: Applied HR 3 credits

This seminar will facilitate the integration and application of previous course studies as a culmination of graduate study. Class members will select an area of study relevant to their current and/or 
future career interests.

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