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MBA Student Testimonials

Meet Paul!

Paul McElhenny, a Materials Manager at Gardner Denver, is a proud member of the graduating Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) class of 2014.

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Advice From Graduates

Advice from Scranton University Graduates
Advice from '12 MBA Graduate Ken Starkey

"The advice I would give to incoming students is to not be intimidated by the course workload. Some courses will be very difficult and require a significant amount of work each week, this coupled with family and work obligations can seem intimidating. But do not become discouraged keep pushing forward there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

Stack of books in a library
Advice from '12 MBA Graduate Gina Critelli

"I think many people think that an online program may be easier than a traditional program on campus, however, the opposite seemed to be true for me. My advice would be that you need to make the time to do the extensive reading and writing necessary to be successful. It is really rewarding when you finally meet all the requirements for the degree."

Advice from Charlie Rogers, Online MBA Graduate 2013
Advice from '13 MBA Graduate Charlie Rogers

"I would highly recommend that students set or allot time Sunday for the week ahead to plan on how and when work time will be scheduled, especially if the student is a parent, working, or both. The stress level will be lowered knowing your time is currently used currently throughout the week so work is not overloaded on one specific day."

New Students Spotlights

Kerja Eytina, CPA, Began Studies May 2013
New Student Spotlight: Kerja Eytina, CPA, '13 Enterprise Resource Planning MBA Student

Online MBA, Specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning
Began Studies May 2013

"Successfully completing the University of Scranton’s MBA program (ERP specialization) will enable me to update my skill sets and position me to pursue a career in ERP systems consulting – an option I had seriously considered earlier in my career."

Student Testimonials

Photo of Grace Mesina
Grace Mesina, Online MBA Healthcare Management Graduate 2016

"I love the faculty! They are very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. They are accessible and responsive."

Handel Fraser, Online MBA Graduate 2013
Handel Fraser, Online MBA Graduate 2013

"The online MBA at The University of Scranton was fun. It was very challenging but I learned a lot from it. The best part is that I used it immediately in everything I do and every area of my job."

University of Scranton Student at Graduation
Tim O'Shea, '13 MBA Graduate

“It was such a great experience to have so much interaction with faculty… Truly, they're there the whole time. For the whole program”

University of Scranton Student at Graduation
Anu Banerjee, '13 MBA Graduate

“The biggest thing for me was finding an AACSB accredited school. The academic level of education I experienced, online at The University of Scranton, was excellent.”

Advice from Scranton University Graduates
Ken Starkey, '12 MBA Graduate

“The most beneficial part of the program was the ability to network with students across the United States. The program also offered the opportunity to work on time management and project management by working with students in different time zones and skill levels.”

Joseph R. Haas, Online MBA Graduate 2014
Joseph R. Haas, '14 MBA Graduate

“Management Science MBA 501B is by far the most valuable intro class I have taken. The tools I learned that helped me do my job better immediately.”

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