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MBA International Business Jobs

More companies are planning to expand to global markets than ever before, fueling a demand for MBAs, according to the QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2014/2015. These organizations—domestic, foreign, and multinational—seek managerial candidates with the expertise in international finance, global economics, and cultural communication awareness to help them begin or grow business beyond borders. The report specifically found the greatest demand for MBAs from companies in Asia and Latin America, as well as Central European countries, showing a 12% growth for global MBA hires in 20141.

Salaries are rising with the demand. The QS report states that the average MBA compensation, including salary and bonuses, for employers in North America increased 15% from 2013 to 20142.

Average MBA Total Compensation (Salary + Bonuses) From Multinational Employers in 20143

North America $128,600
Latin America $71,400
Africa & Middle East $70,300 
Asia-Pacific   $86,000
Central & Eastern Europe $72,700
Western Europe $112,600

The International Business specialization of the University of Scranton MBA will help put you at the top of the candidate list thanks to your in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in global commerce.

What Can You Do With an International Business Degree?

With more and more organizations operating on a global scale, an MBA with an international specialization is becoming an increasingly desirable commodity for anyone hoping to pursue leadership roles in finance or business. Some common careers graduates can pursue with an international business concentration include:

  • International Finance Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Import/Export Consultant
  • Business Development Director
  • Business Analyst
  • Multi-national Manager
  • Global Business Planning
  • Financial Controller
  • International Foreign Policy Advisor
  • International Marketing Director
  • Foreign Sales Representative
  • Currency Investment Financial Advisor

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