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Online MBA Curriculum

The Online MBA offers a Flex curriculum that requires 36 semester credit hours, excluding 12 semester credit hours of foundation modules, which may be required depending on your qualifications. Currently, you can opt for our General Online MBA, or choose from multiple specializations: AccountingEnterprise Resource PlanningHealthcare ManagementInternational Business, or Operations Management.

With the Flex curriculum, you select at least four core courses and three to six electives of your preference. This allows you to tailor the MBA curriculum to explore your specific needs and interests through the option to select more electives while still gaining an in-depth understanding of core business functions. General MBA students must choose their electives from at least two different functional areas, which could equate to earning a dual specialization, depending on the electives selected.

Read full descriptions of each core course.

Cornerstone Course
Required (3 credits)

MGT 501: Responsibility, Sustainability, and Justice

Core Courses
Choose 4 to 7 courses
(12 - 21 credits)

Accounting, Economics, and
Finance Core

(at least two)

ACC 502: Accounting for Management

ECO 507: Managerial Economics
FIN 508: Financial Management

Operations and Information Management Core
(at least one)

OM 503: Operations Management
MIS 504: Management Information Systems

Management and
Marketing Core
(at least one)

MGT 505: Organizational Behavior
MKT 506: Marketing Management

Advanced Courses
3 to 6 courses
(9 - 18 credits)

Accounting (ACC) Specialization

ACC 514: Accounting Integration and Configuration
ACC 525: International Accounting*
ACC 527: Financial Reporting and Research
ACC 538: Accounting Communications
ACC 539: Accounting Ethics - Foundation of the Profession
ACC 541: Financial Reporting Fraud - Detection & Prevention
ACC 542: Occupational Fraud & Abuse

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Specialization

ERP 510: Integrated Enterprise Management Systems
ERP 511: Production Planning & Control
ERP 512: Customer Relationship Management
ERP 513: Treasury Management
ERP 514: Accounting Integration and Configuration
ERP 515: Business Intelligence
ERP 516: Enterprise Applications Development

Healthcare Management (HCM) Specialization

HAD 510: Hospital Administration
HAD 517: Global Health Management*
HAD 519: Health Services and Systems
HAD 521: Healthcare Financial Management II

International Business (IB) Specialization

ECO 583: Macroeconomic Analysis - A Global Perspective*
ACC 525: International Accounting*
FIN 584: International Finance*
HAD 517: Global Health Management*
IB 505: International Business*
MGT 556: International Management*
MKT 563: Global Marketing*
OM 540: Supply Chain Management*

Operations Management (OM) Specialization

OM 540: Supply Chain Management*
OM 543: Project and Change Management
OM 544: Business Forecasting Models
OM 545: Quality Management
OM 547: Production Planning & Control

Miscellaneous Course Options

FIN 583: Investment Analysis
FIN 587: Treasury Management
MKT 512: Customer Relationship Management
MKT 561: Marketing Research
MGT 554: Group Dynamics
MIS 548: Business Intelligence

Capstone Course
Required (3 credits)

MGT 509: Business Policy

Note: All students must select at least one international elective. To earn this specialization, students must take at least three courses, but no more than four, from their chosen discipline, including core courses. See a complete list of MBA elective options.

Foundation Requirements

Students who need the appropriate foundational background will be required to take the modules listed below. Based on the student’s prior academic preparation and work experience, some or all of these modules may be waived.

Foundation Modules

(1 credit each, all required unless waived)
Decision-Making Concepts & Tools
MBA 501A: Statistics Module
MBA 501B: Management Science Module
MBA 501C: Information Management Module
Accounting Analysis and Business Law
MBA 502A: Financial Accounting Module
MBA 502B: Managerial Accounting Module
MBA 502C: Business Law Module
Economics and Finance
MBA 503A: Microeconomics Module
MBA 503B: Macroeconomics Module
MBA 503C: Finance Module
Management and Marketing
MBA 504A: Management Module
MBA 504B: Marketing Module
MBA 504C: Operations Management Module

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