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Student Blogs

So you are thinking of going back to school for an advanced degree, huh? That was me a few years ago.  Don’t worry!  It’s not that bad – in fact, it’s kind of fun!

As a student of The University of Scranton’s accredited online MBA program, I’ve been fortunate when it comes to groupwork.

I just finished writing a blog where I discussed that the most surprising thing to me about the on-line MBA program was the ability to actually get to know some of the other students in your program, so as a follow-up, here’s a l

When I think about the skills I have gained in my almost two years in this program, I believe that I can categorize them into the functional skills gained from my classwork and the incidental skills gained from participating in the accredited online MBA program at The University of Scranton.

When I considered whether to do my MBA in an on-line program or a traditional classroom setting, I was repeatedly given the same advice: “Don’t do an on-line program or you will miss out on the learning and networking that happens when you are in the classroom with other professionals and leaders

If I am being honest, my career may be a bit untraditional for some others in an MBA program. After years in working in the for-profit health field, I have found my place in an industry that I love – the nonprofit sector.

Choosing a major that aligns to your career goals and ambitions is extremely important. In fact, one can argue that this choice is the most important decision you can make, even more important is the institution or school you apply to.

In any task in life that challenges you in order to exceed, it is always recommended that you leverage your resources in order to achieve your greatest potential. For athletes, these resources include training equipment, facilities or a coach.

Due to the many benefits that an advanced degree has to offer; the pursuit of an advanced degree has increased significantly. From a pure numbers perspective, the rewards and opportunity an advanced degree provides over an undergraduate degree is startling.

In the winter of 2016, I had one year of the MBA program under my belt. I had just come back from the holiday break, and I was struggling somewhat with my ability to get back into a groove after three weeks off.


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